Monday, March 30, 2009

Hannity Blah Blahity....Drug Rush Drugbraugh

I want to say that my posting today is not going to hit people very well.. BUT..... I think that I will explode if I do not blog about this. I want to start off by saying. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. About 5 years back I was sick of the Party Crap!! And yes, I think it is crap!!!!!!! I changed to a independent. I vote for who I want, Not what some party that I am affiliated with wants to help tell me to vote for and has a mission statement that I have to live by or agree too. I stand for what our forefather's stood for FREEDOM and everything that our Forefathers stood for the day we became this Great Nation. I vote for who I feel will help us as a country and do the best job. I will make 4 things very clear right up front. #1. I voted for Bush both elections. #2. I voted for Obama this past election. #3 Hanniy gets paid to BLAH BLAH BLAH on the Tv and Radio. #4 Limbaugh is a drug addict. Since when did LDS people or anyone for that matter ever start listening to Drug Addicts for inportant information? I just want those 4 things known upfront. I think that another Republican would of had my vote had they been on the ballot. But in these great times in our world. I look for the lesser of the 2 evils. This is who I felt was the man for me. With that a side here is my posting...
I am LDS. I live in a Republican state. I know allot of Lds living in and out of state that are Democrats. So to say if you are LDS you are Republican is a joke to me. I hear this to much in the state I live in. People we have members out side of the USA. They are neither. I have heard much talk about Obama since he has taken up office in the Big House from people here in Utah. Mostly negative. Mostly repeated stuff from Drugbaugh or Blahity.
First off.... I am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Do you really think that if I got all my information about the Church from non members and those that stand outside of the Conference building on Conference weekend that I would be a member today in this wonderful Church??? Think about that. Where would I be right now. I would tell you I most likely would not be married to Ken, anymore, I would not be sealed to my family, and all my kids would not be LDS either. Well that is a pretty big lose in my life now wouldn't it be. My life was forever changed by not listening to the negative publication, negative speakers and preachers that would love to stir me up and want nothing to do with the LDS Church. Where did I go to get a testimony? Well, I took the LDS Lessons, I prayed, and I looked around and felt the spirit in all the other members that touched my life and helped me to make a big decision. I did not go listen to street preachers, I did not listen to or read negative pamphlets about the church. I went to the source. Wow the source is what changed my mind. Do I always agree and do I always do what I should. Of course not. I would be beamed up by now if I did. Does anymore around us do all they are to do? NO. Or they would be beamed up too. There is no beaming going on here. We all make mistakes and all have faults. It is Human we are all Human.
Did Bush make a great decision when he took regulations out of the banking system and out of the stock market? No!! We now see that it was not a good decision. He did what he thought was best. If he knew that we would be in this crisis now do you think he would still of made those 2 costly mistakes? Well I think NOT! But he was acting on information he had and what he thought was the right decision to make. Where all his decisions in office terrible? No of course not. Did he make some costly ones? Yes he did we are living it now. Also Greed in Americans who saw what they could do with the course of action Bush had taken exploited the new found deregulation and profited from them.
This is the sad truth. Americans are greedy. They love money. They love to be the Jones or try to be the Jones. If they did not we would not be in this mess. Everyone bought and profited from deregulation. I did. I loved the money that flowed into my house because of this. I am sure you did. Would you of still done, bought , and did what you did when times were good if you would have known what would be the end result? Maybe maybe not. I am not here to judge. I would hope to say I would not of but you never know.
Obama is making changes, change upsets some people. Some people hate change. Obama is doing what he was elected to do. He is running the country. Obama received this mess. He did not create this mess. It landed on him with his new job. He is trying to do what is Best for our Country. In the way he sees that will best help us. He is not trying to destroy us. Either was Bush trying to destroy us. Obama has made a few decisions that people are scared of and are not sure of. Some people are happy as a Lark about what he is doing. But Drugbaugh and Blahity. This is where this all is crazy to me. They are paid people to stir you up and get ratings so they can have a job next week too. They are paid to straight up cause havoc and report to you what they can to stir you up and get you on their side. Much like the Devil does. What ever happened to "WE Support our Leaders"I was taught in this Church that we support our Leaders in Church and in our Country. I support our leaders!!!!!!! If we bad mouth and talk terrible about everyone and everything that we do not like in this Church, and Country... Where would we be today? Not in a good place. But we listen to people that send emails and listen to TV and talk show radio host. They are paid to stir the pot. They are not looking out for us they are making money and posting ratings. They are not in our best interest. I can find on any given day 2 kinds of people on the TV, radio, and emails. Those that can prove the right side and those that can prove the left side of things. Both sound great! both have points. Both are not looking out for us. Both are about ratings, and money. Not everything anyone does is ever liked by All the people, All of the time. We have free agency to choose to listen, watch, and read this crap. And it is crap. Do you see them ever talking about how awesome this or that is? No it is mostly negative and mind manipulating. Then you go repeat what you hear and stir the pot among your Circe of friends, and family. Yes it is stirring as of late.. I have not heard one good thing about Obama from some people in this state that have let the media tell them what is going on. You guys are believing what you hear and see. What ever happened to not taking what people of the world want to tell you as gospel. It is not Gospel. It is crap. Some is true but it is always mixed with crap!!! They spin it to make ratings. You would not believe the things I hear from people and they believe it. I have people tell me crap all the time. And it is mostly crap that has some truth to it but mixed with ratings. I thought we were people of Truth? I thought we did not fall into the appearance of Evil?? I thought that we are taught to ponder(search) Pray (pray to Heavenly Father to know what to do and what we can do to help our country in need) ????????? I thought that we were against evil speaking of ours? I thought we were people of righteousness, and vi true? I thought that we seek out the truth and we listen to no false leaders? I thought that we are taught to love and be loved. I thought we were taught to trust in the Lord and to pray for our leaders and to support them? I thought we were a church of greatness and uplifting thoughts and feelings. I thought we love our enemies and we help them into there quest to do what is right? I did not think that we listen to people that want to further their gain, mix truth with Miss truths, tear down others to make them look better, talk negative and repeat to all that will listen. Well I am not listening anymore. Do not send me a email, talk to me about, or ask me if I listen to Hannity or Limbaugh today. I want non of it. I want us all to stand together and pray for the man that leads this country. Help him and others in any Way we can. Do our part to get us out of this mess. Go buy something spend some money. Negative gets negative. Positive gets positive. We need to be positive as a nation. We need to be positive for our Church! We need to be positive for our Families. We need to put trash where trash belongs. Lets bring each other up in positive thinking. Do you really want to spread around how bad everything is or is going to be? Or do you want to start thinking positive and make others positive around you? I know who is negative and I have fallen into this when I was upset with Bush. But did it do any good?? NO IT DID NOT! The sad truth is we our Country is in trouble. But... talking negative is not going to help anyone. Has Hannity or Limbaugh ever did anything that changed our country? No they have not!!!!!!!! Nothing they have said or done has help country. The are paid to talk and talk they do. They are not uplifting. They are not good for our souls. You are wasting your time watching or listening to them or anyone else that wants to tear down our minds. Lets rise up and listen to positive people and positive messages. Shouldn't you be reading your Book of Mormon for that hour? OR watching BYU Devotionals? There is so much more we can do with our time. If you want to know what is going on in this country they are not the ones to find it from. Research it yourself. Find the source not the tyrant. I want to know that this country will be uplifted by my actions and thoughts. I am praying for our country and the leaders in our Church and in our Government. As you should be doing also. Spread a message of hope and good to all the people that really do not want to hear about Hannity or Limbaugh. Because it is about them not about our President. They do nothing to help anyone but them selves. Tell me a story about your mission or give me a recipe for your best cake. Ask me to go to the temple with you, smile at me and let me know that you are happy! Don't fill my mind with anger, or negativity. I DO NOT want that from ANYONE!!!!! ANYMORE!!!!!! Stand for Turth and Righteousness!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wicked Weekend

I am seriously thinking of planning a girls weekend out of state!!. Picture this. Me. you, a few friends, or relatives, go to Portland or San fransico and see the play "WICKED"? I want to go here in Utah BUT....We can fly ,buy tickets, and stay in a hotel for cheaper then going here in Salt Lake City. Sad but true. Anywho's if you think that may be fun let me know. We can go for pretty cheap and it would be alot of fun. We can put 4 girls in each hotel room and that would be cheap. Plus I can get a hotel discount too. And....both of those cities are a lot of fun. We could leave on a friday morning and come back on a sunday. Think about it. We could have a blast. Seriously I know how to have fun and this could be a blast!!! Let me know. Post here, email me , or post on facebook.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am so MAD!!! Totally Ticked Off!

Ok so I let my license expire. In feb. Actually Feb 11th 2009. So Ken comes home early today and wants to go get his Motorcycle License. He asked me to go with him so I could renew my drivers license too. I am thinking that they will just take my picture and issue me a new license. Well that is not all what I had to do. I had to take the written test. It actually is not a written test it is a computer test to be exact. Not a big deal. I flunked! Just kidding. But I thought I'd put that in there.

I go over to the computer area and take the test. Well first off I have had a license in Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Utah again after moving back in the 90's. Well that means I have taken this test 6 times before today. Today made 7 times. I have recieved a 100% on all drivers test I have taken in those 6 states. .... Up Until TODAY!!! I missed ONE Dang question. The dumbest question on the block if you ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have prided myself on always getting a 100% on the driving test. Well Not Anymore!! This makes me so mad I wanted to tell the lady off at the counter that could not even tell me what the answer to the question was.

Here is the million dollar question......

Is it legal to cross over "The Gore" area when merging onto the freeway? Do you know the answer to this question? Is the "GORE AREA" even in the Utah drivers manual?????? I looked and NO it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I can find anyways.

I press the score button on the computer and what do I get "YOU PASSED" But.... I missed one question. So I reviewed my test and it was the last question on the dang test.. The "Gore" question. This is totally not fair. I was so mad. The guy next to me thougt I'd flunked the test. I told him I got one wrong. He acted like I was a weirdy.

I went up to the counter to hand in my paper and I ask the lady if she knows what the "The Gore Area" is on the freeway. What do you think???? NO she does not. She goes and ask several other people. Do they know??? Right again NO! She finally finds one person a old guy that looks like he probably wrote the Utah Drivers Manual himself. WOW he knows what the "GORE" area is. Then she doesn't understand what the guy tells her so she has him come and explain it to me. I think that they threw the question in there just to trick people. I am just mad because that question was a joke!! I wanted to challenge the question but.... Ken being the level headed person laughs and tells me to be "thankful" that I passed. That I am 44 now after all.

By the way "gore" is a peice of land that is a triangle shape.... Wow you better watch out for those triangle areas on the freeways now a days . They are not just parallel anymore. Pretty soon we may have cirlces on our freeways. I hope that someone lets the drunk drivers know that they finally figured out a way for them to drive late at night , home from the bars with out getting tickets. You go parallel till you can't see straight then you turn triangles, when that is to much you could flip a circle. GREAT!

Girls Club.

We had a total blast!! The girls where great and we just enjoyed ourselves. Nothing like R and R with the Girls!!! I hope we can do this again sometime!! Like soon too:)

Haylee getting her much needed R and R!

This girl is to much!!! She is so funny she cracks all of us up. We looked over and saw her watching t.v. on her bed. I just had to take a picture.

Girls Weekend

We had a blast this weekend. We shopped, ate, swam, enjoyed the warm weather, hung out in our hotel room, taught Cheryl how to blog. Set her up a blog page, talked, and just had a plain good ol' time. The girls were a blast. They all had a great time and enjoyed each other, as did Cheryl and I. I could get used to this "Girls Only Club".

Only had to help Ken out a few times. Did not pack the trailer for him as I ran out of time and thought they could do it themselves. Well they ended up leaving Saturday morning and just going to Delta and riding out west. But they also had a great time and rode their motorbikes until they were worn out. So I guess they can live with out me.

The girls did so good at the Dance Comp. It was fun watching them, visiting with Cheryl, and seeing old friends from Delta. I feel so old. Everyone I went to school with has young kids. My youngest is 15. But..... Haylee is great fun and she makes me fit in with all the Mom's that have younger kids. Everyone thinks I am the Mom when I have her anyways.

We took the girls to get a donut as Cheryl wanted to go when the "HOT" light was on. So.... the little girls would look at the window from our hotel room and let her know when the "HOT" lite came on. It was cute. Needless to say we took the girls over to have hot donuts, and eat breakfast one morning.

Fun with the Girls

We had a great time. My camera had issues while I was on my trip. Actually I had issues as I forgot my glasses and set the camera for the wrong setting for the pics I was taking. All my pictures for the dance did not turn out. You will have to look at Cheryls blog to get the photos. I will remind her to blog today.


We started out Thursday Night going to dinner at Buca Di Beppo. I love this place. I think the food is great and the atmosphere is awesome. Yes we ate in the Kitchen booth. It is so fun to watch the cooks and everyone shuffle in and out of the kitchen. You get to see all the different yummy foods. And.....We were able to see a Super Star....Shawn Bradley!!! We were eating and along comes this guy. He was as tall as Cheryl and I put together. We were all staring at him with our mouths wide open. Then all of a sudden I realized it was Shawn Bradley. So of course I shout this out. I mean the excitedment that I actually knew someone this tall and I was seeing a basketballplayer this close up was like the high light of the nite. Shawn looks down at us smiles and waves. It was a proud moment in our Eating Out History. He is 7 ft 6 in. I am 4 ft 11 in. Do the math the man towers over me. I am like to his knee caps. Good thing I was sitting down on a elevated bench seat otherwise he would of been staring at me with his mouth wide open.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girls only weekend!

I am headed out for a Girls Only Weekend tomorrow. I am so excited. I am going with Cheryl, Kaylee, Ashlee, and Haylee. What a great time we are going to have. I am so excited!!! I talked to Cheryl yesterday and her girls where so excited they could hardly wait. Haylee is thinking Grandma is the balm for taking her too. I will have to post pictures of our fun weeknd when I get back. I am so glad Cheryl asked Haylee and I to go with them. Some times belonging to a Girls Only Club has Major Benefits!!!
Ken keeps asking me if I am really going? No Ken I think I'll stay home. NOT! Yes I am going. You Crazy?
BUT... This is what I have to do for the guys so I can go. Load the fifth wheel with food and there stuff . Load up the bikes. Drive the trailer out to Five Mile Pass park it. Meet Ken there and come back to town to go meet up with Cheryl and the girls. I have to set them up so I can go. That seems crazy but it is worth it. You'd think 3 guys could shop. pack, load, and go camping on there own. But not in this house. I think that I have babied these guys to much threw the years. Maybe I am the one with the problem. I have create there need to depend on me by doing to much for them. I do not think Ken has ever packed for a trip since we have been married. But maybe I will leave something out of there bags so next time they will want to pack them selves. That is a thought.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday so excited! NOT

So I have had company for the past 9 days, enjoyed that and had a blast. Looking forward to Monday... Then came Nick.... SICK!!!!! What a bummer. I was looking forward to being alone and just doing my own thing and getting my house ready for Spring. Well Spring is about Sprung and I am not getting anything done. Now he is home for 3 days . End of quarter at school. great.
FYI....... I feel sorry for who ever marries my Nick. First off... He is a baby when he is sick. Wonder where he learned this??? Not to mention names but KEN! Second off. I did not train my kids that I will wait on then hand and foot when they are sick. But some one did! Wonder where this came from? Not to mention any names but..My MOM. Once Ken was sick and she was here.. She gave him a bell to ring to let her know when he needed something. Give me a break is all I could say. She gave a grown man a bell. Do you know what happens when a sick man has a bell???? I do!! It is not pretty believe me!! Something she gave Chrissy when she was sick as a child too. But men and a bell is a lot different then a girl with a bell! If you know my Mom you know loves to wait on people hand and foot. Having her around is like going on a cruise. She does everything for you and loves to be at your beck and call.
Third thing... My kids want to know where the bell is now. Way to go MOM! I am not as good of a Mom, servant, maid, or person as my Mom. Nick will need a wife like my MOM! Good Luck finding a girl like that. I do not think that they have those on this planet anymore.
So needless to say I have got nothing done, had a sick boy, and I was told not to send him to school for a few days. FUN TIMES!!!
BUT on a good note. I had a "Leave it to Beaver Mother Moment" today. (in case that is before your time. That means your boy acted like they did back in the 50's when respect was a common thing and everyone was polite. And you were proud and it put a smile on your face.) When we were leaving the Doctors office. My Nick ( yes I will claim him today! Not Ken's Nick or our Nick but ... My Nick! :) jk. ) shook the Doc's hand and said "Thank You" I know it is not much to some but I was very PROUD! I felt like yep he is getting it! He is learning what I am teaching. I just love that kid. the Doctor was surprised and made mention that they don't raise them like that anymore.Now because of that moment I will be a Good Mom today to my sick little Nick. But after today I am calling my Mom to come back and be Nick's Nurse. jk.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is my Son Nicholas and his wonderful Mullet. He actually wore his hair like this for a few days to school this week. All I can say is I am so glad is it GONE!! I wanted him to cut this hair for a month now. He got a perm from Linette so he did not have to cut his hair. It looked nice but he then had Chrissy cut a mullet for him. SICKO! is all I can say! Look at that hair! Would you even let your daughter date someone with hair like that??? Everyone said they loved it. Right they did! I did not see anyone else get a hair cut like this after seeing Nic's mullet. You guys are all LIARS! Encouraging my son to look HIDEOUS is what you were doing!
So needless to say this hair cut was not going to church with us today. So Friday Night Chrissy gave him a military cut like Mikes. Now he looks like he joined the army , got send to dt, or decided his parents did love him. I am so glad that once again he looks like a Gentleman, not like Joe Dirt. I hope that we are past this crazy hair thing for good now! Some battles you do not fight with your kids, when you know in the end you are going to WIN! and Win I did!! I love you Nic thanks for cutting your hair!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Ons

Well I have had company since Thursday last week so I have not been blogging. My sister came from Cali to see me for my Birthday. We did lots of fun things. Shopping, went to the movies, went to dinner, and to temple square.
My Parents are still here and my Brother is coming on Friday. I guess when it rains it pours in company to my house. BUT... I like this kind of pouring rain.
Nic cut his hair in a Mullet this week. I guess that he needs attention or something. This is one battle I did not fight. He has to have it cut by Sunday to normal so we both win. He gets to be crazy and I get to have a son with short hair again. We have had friends show up to the house to see his hair cut. Emily Bushman thinks it is hot. jk Emily. Most people say it is Awesome! But you do not see any of them getting a mullet.
My little Haylee has been here since she thinks that if anyone comes to see her Grandma that that is reason to move in with me. She is so funny. Yesterday she got her self into trouble with another kid at her Mom's daycare and Chrissy asked her what she did and she would not tell. So Chrissy said" If you don't tell me I am going to spank you" She said "Ok just spank me then" She is something else. Auntie Pammie has been here for a few days and she informed us all that her only Boss was Auntie Pammie. Until of course Auntie Pammie told her to brush her teeth for a second time because she ate a brownie before bed. Then she was not the Boss and was not sleeping in Auntie Pammie's room. She is quite the little girl sometimes. We enjoy her and she always keeps us laughing or on our toes.
A few months back Chrissy was doing her hair and it was tangly and had to be brushed out. She kept telling Chrissy that she wanted to do her own hair. Mind you she is only 4. So Chrissy started to fix it up and Haylee was upset because it was kind of pulling her hair a bit. So she told Chrissy that if she pulled her hair again that she was going to fire her from doing her hair. She did not say another word. BUT... when Chrissy was done with her hair.... she turned to her Mom and asked her "Howdoes it feel to be out of a job?" I cannot believe the things she comes up with. We try not to laugh as she is a smarty pant sometimes but it is hard.
Well I have humanitarian to do today so I will blog and post more later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Well today was much better then yesterday..... What a difference a day can make. In our hardest monents of life, a little prayer can go a long way. I could not sleep very well last night. So I just prayed and reflected on the day and thought about what I could do to make myself have a better attitude. Pretty soon I had drifted off to sleep. I woke up today and everything seemed to just look and feel better. It was a new day.
I heard the sounds of birds chirping and it just made me feel like things would be good today and to let yesterday lay where it was , in the past. I was able to go to humanitarian and have a good time with my ward members and friends. To night I enjoyed Girls Nite Out. I had a pretty good day. I just trusted in the Lord to help me. I felt like the Lord wanted me to just let it go and focus on the good he was offering me with this new day. Just that simple feeling lead me into a having a pretty good day.
Life seems to get difficult at times. BUT when you just try to remember that at no time are we really alone in this world. We are surrounded by so much of God's love. When you think everything is just beyond what you bargined for, there is always a silver lining. We may have to look for it but... It is there.
Simple things some times make the biggest imprints in our lives. I am thankful for the simple things in my life today. I am also thankful for my Husband that knew I had a bad day and said all the right stuff. AND who read our blog and offered me a docorate if that would make me feel better:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today I have just had it. I do not get to this point very often but today has been one of those lovely days! I am not sure if I want to cry, laugh or scream!! My 17 years old thinks he knows it all. They are so clueless!!! It almost makes you laugh if you were not so mad!
I think that "Stay at Home Moms'" are so underpaid!!! It is easier to have a job outside of the home then be to a "Stay at Home Mom" I am totally not kidding. I cannot believe what "Stay at Home Mom" means some days. I was a Mortgage Loan Processor. I worked and did certain tasks, got a certain pay, and had certain hours. BUT........... BOY OH BOY...

Let me just tell you........Ssometimes I am a Banker, or Atm Machine.. Today I declared a Bank Holiday!! Not because of a depression but for the simple reason that no one in this whole house deserves a dime!! Not even a penny !!! I was a Nurse this morning. I was somewhere between Nurse Ratchet and Sister Teresa, But I was doing a dandy job. Sometimes, I feel like I am running a Hotel. All by Myself that is !!! I am maid service, bell boy, receptionist, cook, and manager. I have to make sure everyone is happy when I really don't care. I actually do care but somedays all I want to do is crawl in a cave and read a book. Be by myself. I was a short order cook this morning. I should be doing that job now but I am debating going on strike right now!! If you would like to come picket with me bring your own sign and we can walk the sidewalk in front of my house. I was a snack bar owner earlier and I was somewhere between have a nice day and get the Heck out of my store!! I am also a repairman. I had to fix a vacum and right in the middle I had to get my asthma medicine. That was a blast. Who is there to take care of me. Well the answer is ME! Good thing I did not need mouth to mouth to breath. This weekend I was a construction labor, cleaning up after the guys in my basement. I am also a Engineer, I have to plan plan plan, make schedules, and run the job site. I have also been know to be a Taxi driver. Boy this is a fun job!! Drive teenagers around town, while they change my music, tell me where to go, and let me know to not be late. All to arrive at the destination and not get paid. Love it!! Oh and did I mention that I am a Counselor too. This is a fun and puzzling job. Most counselors jobs goes like this... Patients comes in...They talk, you listen, and you give some advise and they go on their marry way and try to work or fix their problems. Well I must be a bad Counselor. B,ecause, my patients come in yell, scream sometimes, cry and talk. When I try to tell them what I think can help em they leave mad and stomp out on me. Sometimes they are grateful. But that just makes me think all my patients may be bipolar. Oh and did I mention I work on average 12 to 15 hours a day??? Sometimes I have to pull a all nighter. I am many other things but I just do not have time to post them all.
If I ever decide to go back to work, I can be anything I want. The possibilities are endless. There is no stopping what I could do. Heck maybe even The President of the United States. Sometimes I am a terrorist nagotiater. With kids some times the things they do are flat out acts of terrorism! My resume would be so long that no one would believe my job experience. I should just be handed a Doctorate as far as I am concerned. I think all "Stay at Home Moms" that are having to do as many different job in one week as I have been doing since I quit my Fun Job should also be givin one.
Today I feel like I was wrote up by my boss for not even doing anything wrong. I feel like I am about ready to quit my tuff job and go back to a Fun and easy job working in a office. Have you ever heard anyone say "I don't need this job"? Well that is where I am at! But I am more like a slave so I would have to be sold if I want to leave this current job. There is no man out there that can afford me. So I guess I have to stay where I am at.