Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Geo-Cashing ,Geo-Crashing, and finding yourself left Happy

So we had our weekly Humanitarian Day at Church it was fun. Even though I show up late and get all the talking in I need too. lol You are laughing now because you know this is true. :) We had a potluck lunch at the church after we were done tying the quilts. It is really nice sometimes to serve, visit, and eat. I think that it is a blessing to be a part of such a great Church. I have not been happier in life then I am right now. Even with all the drama that finds me. I think I could be a drama magnet this summer but..... It is OK... I am dealing with it and I am happy with all the other things going on. I am able to keep going.
I was talking to Ken today on his way home from work. (I think I talk to him more then his workers do each day) For some reason I feel the need to check in and chat.... allot! Anywhos. I was telling him that I am the happiest I have been in a long time. I just feel that all is right in the world. I really think it has to do with being OK with who I am. Happy with all the love and support I feel with my friends and family. I feel like no matter what the church is always the same. AND.... Life is what you make of it. (Thanks to Hannah Montana):) But it is really true. I want a happy, loving, and busy life so I make it that way.
On our Geo-cashing trip yesterday we had so much fun. Nick Searle joined us and finally someone that knew how to work our GPS. I knew a little, Shauna Van knew a little more, BUT Nick he knew allot. So we went all around town signing cashes and trading prizes. Ended up back at Shauna Van's at 4:30 pm. Everyone else left us and we kept going. Lexi made us snow cones when we arrived back to the house. It was awesome fun.
Shauna Van gave new meaning to Geo-cashing. We were at hunters Park and Shauna tripped on her way to help us find our next Geo-cash. Scraped up her arm as she slide down the hill a little bit. Scary moment for us all. Flip Flops and hiking someone times not such a good idea. But she Geo-crashed on our Geo-cashing trip. We decided it is called Geo-crashing if you fall during the hunt for the cash. All in All a fun day.
Last night Steve came over to get Ken to help him on his boat. Ken is the boat mechanic in the circle of friends. It makes him feel needed. It is a good thing for him. Anywho's....I ended up over at the Searle Compound to check on things when I was done running around.(because behind every great mechanic is a woman that thinks she knows more. jk) (I wish my family all lived on the same block or ward. it would be awesome.) Patti ended up down there to pick up Ellie. Brought us back Dp's it was awesome. Good things happen on the compound. :) Shauna and Bret were out cleaning their boat. So had a chit chat with friends while making sure Steve and Ken were on it. Had some good laughs. Ran for rags so that Bushman's did not have to leave the comfort of their boat while cleaning.:) jk Anywho's it was nice to spend the day with your kids and friends, then have your husband come home, and then finish the day up with service and friends. Oh and a good DP from Walkers.
That is what makes a great life.Church, service, family, and Friends. Those 4 items will give you more in life then....Money, cars, homes, or any material thing. All those items stay here when you die, but the others never change and are always there present in this life and the next. That is why I am so happy. I figured out true happiness and not material happiness. It is almost life changing.
A while back Patti gave me a picture all framed of her and I. We had a planning meeting for our field trips on my boat. The picture was taken then. I just wanted to share the picture and tell her thanks. I receive things from friends from time to time and it makes me happy too. Not the material thing but the fact that they are thinking of me and love me too. Shauna made me a calendar to keep track of each day of the week and what is going on. It is awesome. You write on it with dry expo markers. Lexi made me snow cones, all are service that was done for me. And I am thankful and honored to have such great friends. Thanks to all my friends for the service, friendship, and laughs I get to share with or receive from you. You all mean lots allot to me. Life is good! AND.......Lake Powell is just a week away and I am so excited to go........ I know this post is all over the board but had allot to say and my mind was jumping from one thing to the next.
and my blog is not posting pics right either. This is large???? I need some help from the Blogging Queen Julie.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Floating the River

I went out on the boat yesterday with Ali and Patti. Here are a few photos. It was so windy. We did not stay out long. It has been a fun summer. Friends, Family, and Fun!

Floated the River again today. I love that lazy river. Had a blast. I am just having the best summer. With not working this summer I thought I may be board out of my mind. But thanks to a few good ideas and a few good friends it has been great. The best part I have been with my kids. These last 2 photos are a pic of some of us that went to float the river with me

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July in Delta

Last minute we decided to go to Delta for the 4th. Ken had a long weekend and we wnated to do something fun. I was glad we went to Delta.
We rented a house on the lake and had a blast. Our own private beach front with lots of toys. On the morning of the 4th we went to town to watch the parade and let the kids gather candy. The parade was just the right time lenght. After the parade we went back to the house and played all day. Delta has a big to do on the 4th, the whole town shows up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun

I am really having a great summer full of fun. Yesterday we floated the river in Leamington, Utah (population 217). I have been on a field trip each week since school has been out with my friends and family. We have gone on 3 hikes in the past month, floated a river, went to a museum, and to the matinee movie each week. It gets the Mom's out and the kids doing something fun with other kids. The ages range from less then a year old to 19.
I just love it when I see a 15 or 16 year old helping a 4 year old and they are not even related. All the older kids pitch in and help the mom's with younger children. It makes you feel like something is good in this world still and we are raising our kids to know that helping and giving service is a great thing.
Our first Field Trip a hike to Battle Creek Falls

Our next field trip to the Space Center in Pleasant Grove. You get to run the whole space ship like in the show star trek. Aliens came on board shot us all. Nic saved us all and we were able to get the space craft back.
Next we went the "This is the Place Heritage Park. A live museum. Meaning that the people that work there run the whole town of salt lake in the year 1865. It is awesome. You really need to go check it out if you have never been.
We even did a over night field trip with all the kids. To the Manti Pageant and slept over at a cabin of one of our lovely ward members. Thanks so much Anne and Larry for letting us use your cabin for the night. You are awesome people.

We hiked to Upper Silver Lake on Monday night for a FHE. Awesome. The hike is long and up hill but the lake is well worth it once you get up there. The beauty of nature is amazing at the lake.

And...............Yesterday we floated the Siever River in Leamington Utah. It was cute to see all the city folks go to this small town. The river is lazy and it was perfect for the little kids. I personally had a blast. I love the water! A townsmen put a rope across the river and rock steps to get out. He also made a walk way with a gate and has solar lights on the path. Small town people can be so thoughtful. I really appreciate that his fellow took the time to do this. It makes floating the river so much better.

And finally...........This is the Sticky Shoe that we go see our weekly movie at. It is cheap, sticky and fun. As you can see we are having a fun summer.