Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Half the month is gone and I do not know where it went... I was thinking today it is time for change around here. It is the Season for a Reason and The time in which we do the out with the old in with the new.
I have been a hermit in my house for a while now and not doing much. I decided today to change a few things I want to change, forgive a few people. and do a list of things I want to do in 2011. I have my list done, forgave people I needed too, and changed a few things or at least made my list.
Now what...I have been so busy today, not sure there is room for more. What a day in the life of Sally. :) Not really that all took a little part of my day but now I have a year to complete all the ideas and items on my list. That will keep me busy.
So what now....? Well first on my list is to get the spirit into the Holidays. I talked to someone in my family this year they are only doing home-made gifts. That really brings the spirit back into the Holiday. When you choose something like this it becomes what I can do for you. It also focuses all your attention to completing a project for someone else. That is the true spirit on the Holiday. I wish I did this this year. But no I spent and spent. I have only been to one store the rest has been online. That is a all time new thing for me. But good.
I need to post some pics. I have been bad about this and blogging. I read a few blogs today and you all do such a great job. Some pics are really really good.
Happy Holiday! I hope you are are enjoying the season! Post more later.