Monday, January 11, 2010

Having Fun in Life

I think that I am starting to drive my husband nuts with my fun fun fun attitude. Kind of funny but not really. I love to be on the go and doing doing doing....going going going....He just looks at it as spending spending spending..!!!
I think that he gave me the trip to Europe for Christmas thinking that it would make me limit my fun fun fun. It in some ways it has... But really people who are we kidding you can not keep a lively girl down. I just am trying to plan a few things and he keeps telling me. "You want to do that rather then your Europe Trip" No but I do want to go. Men why do they always try to have the upper hand. Really you only get the upper hand if we keep our downs letting you then gain that upper hand. If men really knew how much we do control them I think they would all just give in and live a much easier, peaceful, and happier life. Don't ya think???
I really just think that life should be enjoyed. I keep telling Ken you save I play it really is a good combination . What more could ya ask for? Not much... if you ask me.
I am really excited about this year. I think 2010 is going to be a great year with great fun and great friends.