Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have always loved Sundays. I like that it feels like a day of rest, the peacefulness that comes to your mind, heart, and soul, and most of all the love I feel from my FAMILY! It is the best feeling to see your kids walk in the door on a Sunday Afternoon! We all are together again. We laugh, talk, and even sometimes cry. As your kids get older and there are less living at home it can sometimes feel lonely. I hate lonely.
This past year was a hard year with change. Nic moved out, Chrissy got a divorce, and we had to take a break from life as we knew it. So much had gone on in one year that it felt like to much! As things have calmed we have worked our way back out to the world and see that no matter what Family is most important. Not that we did not know this before,. But that no matter what anyone else says, does, or thinks. Our Family is what counts.
People like to gossip, people like to point fingers, and people do not like to forgive. Well some do. But why is it that the ones that are the most lethal are the ones that stand out front and center. But if you bother to look a little to the left or a little to the right you can see all the other wonderful people standing behind them. But in the heat of the moment they are just there? I am not sure why. Is it our anger, pride, or lack of knowledge because of a hurtful cloudy mind? I think mostly because we do not take the time to look. We judge and only see what is dead center in front of us. I think this is where Christ Like Behavior is not always easy to choose. If I could choose the right every time I would be perfect. but we all know I am not.
I was listening to a talk about being hurtful or being hurt by others. We sometimes think before reacting but mostly react before thinking. How many times do you think..? oh I could have done different with that situation but do not go back and try to fix it. I think we learn from the mistake of our reactions but we do not always let the person we hurt know that. It is just as important to learn as it is to say I am sorry.
I am so excited for new beginnings and new relationships. Life is sweet if we stop to savor the taste. Sometimes we are to busy but this year I want to taste life, savor the the goodness it has to offer and not be quick to judge. I want to treat others the way I want to be treated and love all of God's Children. Not just the ones that are easy to love but the hard ones too.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amish Grace

I watched the movie "Amish Grace" last night with Ken. I have to tell you that it was the most touching movie I have ever watched. Maybe for where I am at in life, the fact it was true, or it is just that good of a story. I cannot even begin to think that I am anywhere on the same playing field as this group of Amish people. There love and forgiveness is amazing. I am a better person to have watched this movie. That is allot to say when most movies these days we could actually of done with out.

I cannot think of a time a movie touched ken or I this much. I cried and cried. Ken said it brought tears to him like no movie had ever before. I would say to watch this movie as a family. Talk about it and have a good family home evening with this being your activity. These people could teach us all something.
My sister in law is from a Amish Group much like this one. In fact she share the same maiden name as the man lady in the movie. Ida Graber. I can see why some may choose to leave at the age of 15 but I am not sure if I grew up Amish. I would have ever been able to leave and handle this world. If we all could be as Christ like and Forgiving as these people, the world would be a amazing place.
So my movie recommendation for the week is "Amish Grace" If you watch it let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It is so cold here this year. I have had snow at my house on the ground for almost a month now. It shows no signs of melting. I hate the fact that once Christmas is over that I always want to see some warmer days. When the first day of winter was only December 21st. This year I told myself I was going to enjoy the winter go skiing a little bit more and do activities outside so I could enjoy the winter and not wish for spring so fast.
Someone told me the other day. " You need a good hard winter to really enjoy Spring" You could also say that you need a Wet Spring to really enjoy Summer and a Hot Summer to really enjoy Fall. And a dry Fall and many blessing so you would enjoy winter again and the Holidays. Cuz really what kind of fall would make you really want a winter this cold?
I cannot even bring myself to go skiing while the kids are in school because it is so cold. I wanted to do some night skiing this year but it is so cold. I have not even been sitting in the hot tub because the nights are so cold when Ken gets home. I really do not want Spring yet, but is asking for warmer winter days to much?
I have to say I am blessed with a nice warm house to live in, a nice car to drive in the snow, and many fun times with my kids in doors visiting. So all is not lost to a cold winter. Sometimes we rush life and maybe that is what I am doing. Sitting back and enjoying the winter is maybe just what I should be doing. So when spring does get here I will be all the happy to see her.
I know that every year when Spring comes along it does make you feel like your alive again and just adds something special into our souls. Maybe this year it will be a renewing like I have never had before and at that point I will be happy for the long, hard, cold, and wet winter.
Happy Winter Wonderland to all my Friends!:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First of the Year...

The first of the year always starts out with goals and ideas for the new year. By April some goals are lost only to be found next January and some are 1/4th way to completion. This year I decided not not make any goals that I cannot promise to keep. This way feeling like a failure in April and then running full speed ahead into Summer not looking back and putting off till after Christmas what I should have done the year prior. Will not be part of my life.
I have so many things that in which I feel need to be done, resolved, or planned for this year.
I put off surgery, my weight goal, my trip to Europe, trip to Disneyland, and making things better where I failed to be Christ like. Maybe the whole issue on why I did not complete these goals can be summed up in one area of my life. Not being Christ like at all times. Who knows maybe it is my punishment.
But this year I plan on keeping my goals, plans, and ideas. I am actually a spunky person with more energy to do with then i know what to do with. So sometimes in ends up negative. Well did not plan on letting people know my faults but I guess here you go. I have a streak in me that is bratty . To some it will be a surprise others will say.. DUH! That is one of my goals to smash that out as much as possible. You all know that some spunk has to stay it is just me and there is no taking it all out of me. I know this other goal may seem dumb...But... I hate shoes. I know I am weird. I love flip flops. They are my life. Well almost. I have more flip flops then most people have shoes. I buy about 10 pair at the beginning of summer every year. As I get older I have had to realize I am going to ruin my feet if I do not wear shoes half the year. So I have been wearing shoes this winter. I know you all think what she wears flip flops in the snow. Well I do and even today you can find my snow boots in my truck and socks in my car. It is just me. If I get stranded I have closed toe shoes. I know it is dumb but you can take the girl out of the beach but you cannot take the beach out of the girl. My nickname because of this is "Little Indian Feet" :)
Another goal I have is to lose some weight. Did I say some? Well i meant to say allot. :) I know this is every ones goal and it seems as few reach it each year. But this is my year. I am doing it. I am not on the steroids anymore and I should lose the weight. So I have realistic goals for this and I am a proud member of Golds. Gym. Keep me in your prayers for this goal. Not a easy one. I think I can turn my self into the sweetest woman you ever met before losing the weight. Just kidding we all know that will never happen. I will be a tooth pick before the brat totally comes out of me. lol.
My goal of getting the vacations in that I have wanted. I need to plan and carry out and not let little things be used to stand in the way of making memories. and taking pictures and videos. for Christmas we bought everyone a camera. Ken got a new video camera and I am still trying to find the right Nikon D90. But Birthday is a not far off so it will happen soon.
My goal that I do not want is to just get the surgery done and over with. I am scared and I need to get it done before spring hits us again. So even though this is a goal that I would rather not have. I have cancelled the surgery again and now I have made the commitment to call and rebook it. I have to have this done. There is no getting around it.
My goal that is most meaningful is to be more Christ like and stand as a better example, better Mom, and better Companion to my Spouse. I need to move on from things that have hurt, scared, and made me just check out of the program of life sometimes. I want to be a Christ like person even when it may hurt. I know that in the end all that I will have is the life that I devoted to being a Child of God here on earth and showing my family, friends, and strangers what true unconditional love is. I am not a bad person. but I could use a little more saint hood in me. I struggle with turning the other cheek and being Christ like at all times. So lots falls under this goal but lots can be learned, loved, and nourished with a little more Christianity. I pray for strength to complete this goal.
So the year has started out and I am in the game to win it. I hope that all of you are working steadfast and in the right direction with your goals. To all my Friends, Family, and Strangers reading my blog. love to you all and I hope this year 2011 is your year too.!
God Bless and May You Always Feel His Presents in Your Life!