Friday, November 5, 2010

Summer is always a fun time in the Young Household.

Our Lake Powell trip this year was a blast. Like always! We had a really fun time. First ever , after going for 25 years we finally were caught in a rain storm and got to see the water falls coming over the cliffs. A bit scary but...It is was so awesome! Water coming from everywhere. Shooting off the rocks walls. There was a house boat parked next to our in a cove and they left the morning of the storm or they would have sunk. The storm came so fast that the water was so awesome that there would have been no way to get out the spot they were in fast enough. The storm hit at midnight and every time the lightning flashed we could just see water falls coming from every where/ The next morning was the end of our week long trip there and we were thankful. The water was muddy in our cove and sticks everywhere.
But we did have a great time with all our friends and family. I love this trip every year. I love to see the kids having so much fun. Plus I get to really get dark again like in High School during this week long activity in the sun! I love boating ans the sun.
Here are a few pics of our trip.....