Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Month of Love, Birthday, and braking up with my DR. :)

This month is going by so fast. We have actually been busy and celebrating Valentines and My Birthday. I love the month of February. My birthday last most of the month and we always go on a small weekend trip. It has been so cold this winter that all I wanted was to warm up.
I have finally got a date with my Dr. He has decided that we have been seeing each other for long enough and on March 24th, he is going to get my surgery done and we are going to part ways. It was as much fun as it could be for as long as it lasted. We all knew that this was going to happen. So I am scared but it is time to get this done. I had a shot that shrinks the Fibroid and puts me into the worst state of mind and body a person could be in. We are talking Lupron. The killer of all killers. This has set me into menopause which really has made me decide that my relationship with the Dr. is just not working out. I need to get the surgery done and call it quits. :) So until March 24th i will have night sweats and feel like my body is aching for no reason but to shrink the fibroid. I will tell you that I am pretty sure that even though menopause has it benefits that I really want to not ever go through this again.
So for the fun stuff. This month we went to the Ice Castles up in Midways with the bushman's. It was really fun and the ice is really pretty all lit up at night. A fun night out with the family and fun with friends. It had been awhile since we went any where with the Bushman's so it was a fun time. We have been friends with the Bushman's for a long time and I honestly have to say that they are great people and I am a better person for having got to know them.
I had a girls night out this month that I really needed and we just visited and had fun catching up and talking about our lives. God has blessed me with great friends that I can call on when I need a time out with girls.
This month I also received a few presents through the month. Clothes, jewelry, and a trip to St George for the long weekend. Valentines was today and I received a few more gifts and as always Ken knows me best and he did a great job picking out presents. I only want some new perfume and I should let him off for the month of giving. He really goes with my Birthday Month and I love him for it. I was at my Parents house this weekend and I was able to have a great time with them and my Uncle Jim and Aunt Myrna. They are all awesome people. I am blessed with allot of great people in mine and my families life.
I have to say this month has been awesome. I am married to a great man and my family makes me happy. I love to be with them. Times can be hard with the kids and the things they may be going through but all in all life is great and I am very blessed.
We were in St George and the weather was so great. I just loved it. I am wondering why I cannot move there. But Ken's job needs to be by the city so until we can retire I guess I am stuck in the city of COLD!. But summer will be here soon. I have to say that life is great and things I needed to lay to rest are rested, friends that i needed to see have been visited, and people I love know I love them. So for a month that is only half over, it seems to be headed in the right direction.
I just need to start my next goal and it starts tomorrow so wish me luck and I will be crossing more off my goal list for the new year soon.
Love you all. Thanks to all those that bless ours lives.