Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hike Fieild Trip

The field trip hike to the falls has been changed to Tuesday. Your Field trip Details hand out you received today states Tuesday.That is correct. My blog said Monday. My blog does not know what is going on. The time is also changed to 11:45 Meet at my house. We will leave by noon.
The plan is to have a picnic at the trail head . There is a picnic area with tables. Then we will hike to the falls. The hike is 1.50 miles round trip. Eady fun hike.

Now that is Good Parenting!

Oh my heck. I just had to post this. Ken's little cousin came over to spend the night last night and told me the funniest thing. I laughed so hard and wish I could of witnessed the whole event. Hearing about it was funny enough for now. I hope they took pictures!

So I guess last week some of Ken's Cousins kids skipped school and went to get there ears pierced. That would be ok if they were girls. You guessed it 3 teenage boys decided to get pierced ears. All cousins. Love it. My boys would of had the earrings ripped out before they were even fully through the front door.

One parent told his boy to get the earring's out in the next 2 seconds or he would rip it out and grounded him for 5 weeks. That is good parenting! Ken would have done something in the same area.

But......What the other Parent did is the best. He lets them wears there big studded earring's they picked out to get there ears pierced in . And the best part yet...... Made them put on dresses!!!!!!! and it even gets better. Took them down to the local Walmart and they had to walk around in the store. and it even gets better yet. Took them to the teenage girl sections and made them pick out a top and skirt and go to the dressing rooms and try them on. Mind you they had to go to the men's dressing rooms. Then took them to the bra and under section. During their time in the store he is walking behind them making comments drawing attention to the boys. I love it. The boys about died and took the earrings out.

This reminded me when Chrissy lied to me and I was so mad. I wrote BIG FAT LIAR on her forehead with a marker and made her wear it all day. She learned not to lie. She is a terrible liar to this day. I received a free smoothie from a guy up town and had lots of parents tell me that it was a good idea. I am sure all you parents that do things by the book think I am terrible but it worked and we laugh about it now!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our First Field Trip

OK so our first field trip is Monday the 1st of June. We are going to Battle Creek Falls . I threw this in there as I wanted to go do something the first Monday after school was out. I am leaving my house at 10:30 am taking a picnic lunch and hiking to the falls. It is a very short and easy hike . The hike is on the foot hills of P.G. If you would like to go post here or let me know. There is a picnic area to eat lunch at. We should be back home by 1 pm. Hope to see some of you there. There is no cost for this activity.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Big Weekend of Fun Fun and More Fun

This past weekend we went to St G with our friends the Awesome Bushman's . Fun times we had. Went boating, played games, watched movies, hikes to a fun area of rocks and trails in the Big D, ate ice cream at the D.Q., saw Darin Williams, and just had a good time. Relaxing good time. Here a a few pictures from our trip. Mostly taken by Shauna as my camera was covered in chocolate when I got home. Thanks to Carla that gave Ken candy kisses with his sun lotion stuff, and thanks to Ken that thought the bottom of a camera bag is where you put candy on a hot day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Summer Fun Club and a Bus

Started a new club this week. I was wanting to be President of something so I decided to make a club I could be President over. So far I have a little possy that has joined my club. We are all members of the "Summer Field Trip Club". It should be a fun time. Planned some day trips and a few over nighters. We should have a good time this summer. I will be able to keep my kids busy and have friends to talk to and hang out with also. They do not know it yet but I am charging monthly dues of $25.00 for even being in my possy. I know I could get $50.00 but I want them to be able to buy me presents from time to time so I lowered the fees. I had the first meeting all by myself so I could make the rules and decide on the fees for membership with out anyone objecting. Smart cookie I am, if you ask me. If they take up issue I could always find a new possy to take their place I am not worried. Just kidding.

I did put together a "Summer Field Trip Group. It will be lots of fun. Family and Friends are invited and we are going to do a different activity every week. I am so excited for summer. And yes I will get in my boating time too. Don't worry. I have lots of fun things planed this summer for my family.

Ken is calling me "Party Girl" and it is getting on my nerves. He just does not understand the life of a "Sally Girl". It is not easy being me. I have lots of people to please and places to go. Clubs to Leed. lol. I cannot sit home. That is why I worked. I am not working because we thought it was best for our kids. Now all he asks me is his golden question of"How much is this going to cost me?" I am getting tired of that too. Really how much is it going to cost me? Kenneth chill out! Why doesn't he say "That is so nice you are keeping my kids entertained and out of trouble". Or " That is so nice you are trying to make a fun summer for our kids." But no ...It is always how much is this going to cost me? I should put out there a big number and see if he will ever ask that question again. Or better yet I should go buy a Big yellow School Bus for our field trips and he can pay for it. That would be awesome. A big yellow bus parked in the drive way. Man that would be so funny. He would die when he came home from work one day and a bus was in the drive way. It is almost worth it just to see his face. I can hear him screaming now. "SSSSAAAAALLLLLLLYYY what have you done now???" Don't be surprised if you see me driving a school bus around this summer. :)And a sign on the back that says" It cost you a BIG yellow school bus !" lol.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am blank but can still type something. I think?

I have not blogged since April. What is wrong with me. I have not had a event that I say" I am going to so blog that" for a long time. I think that I maybe be spiritually blog poor right now. No big ideas or fun things to blog on. I may be getting boring and and inactive on the blogging. We cannot let that happen. I must be able to come up with something.

Here is my going ons that I have been doing. I went to Saint George to help my parents last week. That was fun and it was hot and sunny the whole time. The climate change that takes place in the 4 hour drive from my house wows me. I also went boating with Patti and her family for family nite. It was fun. The twins I hope like me the next time I see them as they drove up looked at my boat and started to scream " No boat" No Sally's boat" It made me feel good. I could tell they just were dying to get on board. :) Oh and I have been cleaning. cooking, driving, sleeping, gardening, all that super fun stuff that is always so fun you forget to mention it on your blogs it is so fun stuff. Mothers Day I have still not got a present yet as everything Ken said he wanted to buy me I said I' don't want that". I should of let him because now I feel like a spoiled brat. But really who did not already know that one? No one would of guessed that now would you of? It is not like I did not celebrate my Birthday for a month or anything. I have my Lake Powell Trip planned. The BIG HIGH LIGHT of our summer. I also went to the ward BBQ that was fun. Bishop did a great job like always. Oh and so did you Bret! Oh and I have a lot of fun field trips planned now for my kids to do with me this summer. I will be publishing the list soon and handing that out to all my friends and family that would like to join us. I guess I really do not have anything else to say. But enjoy the week and I will try and find something good to blog here real soon. Until then I will keep smiling and enjoying life. Oh and maybe I will tell all my family and friends that I really love them and for all the greatness they bring to my life and my families life. I have great people that surround me. Thanks for being the people you are and I miss you when you are not around me. I have been blessed with the best!