Friday, June 26, 2009

Cuteness and Service

I was on facebook and my brothers David's wife Sandy had posted these pics of my cute cute nephews. Look how cute they are. I miss them lots and plan on going to see them this summer or fall.

I was thinking tonight of my brother David and his cute family. When I think of David I am usually in awe. He is one of the most awesome guys there are. I cannot tell you how service oriented, giving, and dedicated to family he is. There are not words to express this.
When there is a issue with anyone in the family he is on the next plane out. My Papa was dying and David was there, My Uncle Drew was dying he was there, My Dad was sick he was there.
My family is lonely he is there. Someone needs money he is ready to give. And his sweet life knowing David lets him go or goes with him.
I am always second guessing if I should go or not. Not David, while I am wondering he has already booked a flight and headed to the airport. He lives in Michigan and travels all over the country. He could be in DC today or Oregon tomorrow. I think he should buy stock in Delta or Southwest. But nothing stops him. He knows what "called to serve" means and goes.
I am amazed by his dedication to family. Not that I do not have love for my family but the example he is to me is like looking at a person that has perfected what heavenly Father meant when he said "SERVE YOUR FELLOW MAN".
My Papa was dying and he was there staying with him. I could not get over the fact he was passing from this life to the next. I was paralyzed by trying to think of what am I going to do with out him. That he was actually passing. It brought back so much feeling into my heart from when my Nana past that I could barley except what was happening.
When my Uncle Drew died in May. David was there spent all day and night with him. Helped him through what was happening and prayed for him. I remember talking to my Mom and David was still by his side as he was getting worse by the hour. Giving everyone that was there a break from being tired and having difficulty letting him go. He died of cancer and had a very painful exit from this life.
I was thinking back today on where David learned this example and I came to the conclusion that my Papa and Nana taught this to us. David has just been able to perfect it. My Papa was one of the most giving people I have ever come across. He lived to the age of 101. Only a few months from 102. He dedicated his life to service of family and others. He would do all he could for anyone. When he died I know heavenly Father was proud of him. He led a great life and was able to touch allot of people.
My brother David makes me proud of him for the example he is to me and my family. I am sure our Heavenly Father is proud also. My Papa and Nana I am sure look down at him and are proud also for his greatness. David you are a Awesome Brother and thanks for all you do for your family. You truly are a Great Man!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Haylee's Dance

Haylees' Dance Little Michael's Broken Arm and Manti

I was going to the Manti Pageant yesterday with my Filed Trip Group and Chrissy and I had the wrong dates for Haylee's Dance Recital. but all work out. Shauna Van took my boys early with the gang and I stayed back and went to the Recital. It all worked out in the end. I was so glad that I did not miss it. She is so cute. I love that GIRL!

She does such a great job and looks so cute dancing. I love going to her dances. Grandpa came home early too. Just to see his little Haylee. When she saw Grandpa coming she was in a dead run to meet up with him. Her and Grandpa have a special relationship. Both Chrissy and Haylee know how to work Ken. It is cute to watch them always pull one over on him. He melts when it comes to those 2 girls. Me not so much. When he sees me coming he sews his wallet up and post a sign "Bank Holiday" sign on his chest. :)
They did a "Cat in the Hat Dance". Great Job by ALL!

Isn't she the cutest. She is 5 and going to school next year.
Little Michael broke his arm falling out of our trailer the other night. We were up the canyon for Ken's Birthday and Fathers Day camping. He looks so cute with his little arm in a cast. He has not let it stop him one bit. He is even known when he gets mad at Haylee to hit her on the head with is arm now. Doesn't take them long to figure out how to bug a sibling does it?He is so cute. I just love this little guy. I taught him when he was young to put his head on my shoulder and I would say "Oh Loves" Now when he is tired or first comes to see me he gives me "oh loves" Chrissy says I am the only person that he does this with. That makes me feel like I have a Special Grandma moment with him. I love those special times with my kids and grand kids. I wish I enjoyed more of the times I had with my kids when they were little. I guess being a grandparent is your second chance to get it right.
And last of all......I was able to go to the Pageant with my boys and friends on one of our Over Night Filed Trips. It was so much fun. The Pageant was amazing and awesome. I just loved it. My boys also enjoyed it. I have really enjoyed my field trips with the boys this year. I wish I would of quit work long ago. But all is good... I started the Field Trips to have something to do with my boys and it is working out better then I thought. We have had some good bonding time. I have been disappointed that my family has not really joined us much but we have lots more to go on. I will just have to bug them a little more. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

We went up to the American Fork Canyon for the fathers Day Weekend and also Ken's Birthday. The weather was not the best but...... We do have a camper and that makes it easier when the rain comes. We had rain all day Saturday. I thought the trailer was going to turn into a boat and float away.
The guys fished and relaxed. I relaxed and went back down the canyon for church on Sunday. All in all we had a great time. Ken finished a book I finished the details for Young Conference and felt like we were having a pretty great time.
On Sunday late Trent and Tyler Searle came up to camp with us. The boys all had a good time. Last night we were doing the smore thing when........I saw some eyes by the rocks where we were camping. I asked the boys if they all could see something over there???? Well turns out I was not tired and we all did see something. I decided to save myself and ran for the trailer. Trent and Nic decide to be hero's and take flash lites after it. Tyler and Taylor stayed at the camp fire. I think they may of been to scared to move. Ken is a sleep as usual when something exciting happens after dark. I was totally freaked out as the camp host told us bears have been seen already this camp season. Like there is no enough food up high, why they need to come down and have us for a snack is what I want to know. So we were all getting freaked out and after not finding what it was all the guys end up back in the trailer. Big men they are..:) Nic wanted to go back out so he opens the door to the trailer..... I was behind him trying to look out the door. He makes some kind of bear noise....I jump to the ceiling and scream. I am pretty sure Ken told us to knock it off and go to sleep. After the good laugh at my expense no one ventured out side again and I went to bed while the boys stayed up and watched a movie.

This morning the boys went fishing. Had no luck. Ken caught a few fish while he was there. He is quite the fisherman. I do not know when he has not caught something while fishing. Taylor caught 2 fish and was happy with that. All in all it was a great weekend.
Oh besides the part when Chrissy and Mike came up for Ken's Birthday Dinner and Little Mickie fell out of the trailer and landed on the steps. Broke his arm in 2 places. He gets a hard cast tomorrow. He was a tuff little guy though. Sorry Mickie hope you fell better soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes I am bugged.

I am really bugged and need to post about it. Sometimes I get this way. I am bugged because some people no matter what you just cannot get them to open up or be friends. What is it? I have a ton of friends and to be honest, they tell me how much fun I am . I am very talkative. I just feel like no matter what they look or think of me as something I am not. I am not sure but they just keep me at bay. Like they only have contact with me or talk to me when they are forced to. I am really bugged and not sure what to do about it. I am sick of trying and it just upsets me when I do and there is no response on their side. I just need to quit even trying to be there friends.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Trip, GIrls Over Nighter, and MEN!

On Friday We all got up and went to the Timpanogos cave. It was one of our field trips we are taking this summer. The kids loved it and the hike was long and straight up. . We had a really good turn out. After the hike we had a picnic across from the cave in the picnic area. I have lived in American Fork for 19 years and that is the first time I took my kids to the cave. I am really loving the field trips and all the family and friends that show up.

After the hike and picnic we all took our kids home and packed up for a "Girls Over Nighter" in Park City. 16 of us went and spent the night in a condo. It was great fun! Did not get to bed till like 3 am.
Sometimes it is so great to just get away with out MEN! I live in a full house of MEN.
I am not sure I can remember what it was even like to have another girl in the house anymore. The MEN in my life seem to rule. I was thinking about how I can rule the house. I always get voted out.
When I came back from Park City the MEN had fishing poles in hand and ready for me to go with them to the canyon and fish. Really you want me to spend the rest of my R and R weekend fishing? I am not sure if they do not think about what girls like to do at all or if they are trying to turn me into a guy.
First off I went to bed at 3 am. Second off I came home to a messy kitchen & front room ,and Third off what part of me reeks "I want to go fishing"? MEN! They do not get it. When is the last time I came home and the house was as clean as I left it? Oh wait NEVER! Maybe if you thought to clean it in stead of think I am maid service I would be more in the mood to deal with guy stuff when I come home. Or really..... I came home and you all took a nap for 3 hours and I guess I cannot have one being WOMAN and all . They think I am some kind of SUPER HERO that can go with no sleep. I was with girls for a full 24 hours shopping and laughing. Do you really need to suck all the girl out of me by saying "lets go fishing" "we have been waiting for you?????" Please let me reek of girl for a bit. You really do not need to suck it all out and turn me back to one of the guys to you?
I just want to for once come home and have the house clean, all the guys sitting waiting for me to tell them about all the fun I had, and say I am so glad you had a great time you deserved it" Oh like that will ever happen. Can you say WAKE UP your DREAMING!
I do love the MEN in my life. BUT.... sometimes remember.... I am Girl! I need to reek of girl sometimes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chilly at the Cabin

Shauna called us up and wanted to take us to the cabin this last weekend. It sounded fun even though we would miss church on Sunday. We had a blast played cards and watched movies.

The weather was more like fall. This summer is really a mild one. Today it is only 56* and cold. I have wore a fleece jacket most of the day. My boat is sadly parked on the side of the house. I am pretty sure it is crying for attention but what can I do? Mother Nature doesn't like me much anymore.

Ken and Nic hanging out
Ken and Nic getting the bikes ready to ride.

Wyatt hanging out with a stick.....That he hit me with so hard the kid is lucky to still be alive. His Mom came out just in time! jk The other photo is of Nic and Haylee chating on the deck.

Taylor riding his motor bike

Monday, June 8, 2009

Photos from First Field Trip

The Cruise

We went on a cruise to Mexico with some friends. Not really some friends but like my BFF"S. :) It was a blast. Shauna Bushman brought these over to me today so I thought I would post some. I was remembering the Karaoke Bret did and the late night ice cream cones that I think Greg made one like a foot and a half tall. We had so much fun. We need to do another couples vacation again. Here are the pics.
Ken thought he was styling with his new duds

Dinner at our table on the cruise ship for our Captain's Ball

The Three Amigos

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our First Field Trip

So we had our first field trip. It was great. We left my house in funeral precession style. It was awesome. I thought we should have turned on our head lights and traveled slow through town. By the time we got to the park I was thinking that we would be served ham and funeral potatoes. Boy was I disappointed. jk The "easy hike" as Julie would put it was allot of fun. The falls were in full swing and the cool air that it produced felt good after climbing all up hill on our "easy hike" on a warm summer day. (nice descriptive sentence lol) I really feel like we do need a school bus. 10 moms and 34 kids in 10 cars. That is the same amount as a grade school class with helpers. We need a Big Yellow Bus.

We had a picnic lunch and then went on the "easy hike" to the falls. It really was all up hill. But the kids had a blast and played in the water on for a while. Shauna Bushman took a few pictures for me as I forgot my camera. But when she brought them over I did not save them to my computer. I will have to post pics later.

I held this post so long in the edit files that now we have had our next field trip. Went to go see The Bee Movie on Friday. It was fun but I really did feel my feet stick to the sticky floor. kind of gross! They do not call it the "Sticky Shoe" for nothing. After went on a picnic with my Dear friends Jenny and Shauna Van. Had a nice time.

Nicholas hung out with us women folks and had a good time too. Thanks Nick for going on your Mom's field trips and at least acting like you are having a fun time.