Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogging and Facebooking

I have not blogged for a while. I facebook all the time. More then I should I am sure. But it is just so fun to meet up with old friends and see what they are up too. Oh and of course the new ones too.:)

I have had a boring winter I think. Just working on the house ( don't kid yourself. No I am not doing the labor) and now I decided I want a deck off the Kitchen so that is going to take some time too. I do not have any new pictures to post really. That is how boring my winter has been. We have gone to Saint George a few times and just hung out and relaxed but nothing more then that.

I did see the cutest picture ever for a baby shower this past week on facebook. I'll post that pic it was so cute. Would love to have this cake made for a baby shower. Is that not the cutest? Some one needs to have a baby so I can have this cake made. Ok who is it going to be???? :)

So that is really all that my little boring life is up to right now. I am kind of just hanging out waiting for warm weather and summer. I am getting the ideas together for the field trip club. Talked to Sarah Osmond and she gave me a good idea to put on the list. So if you have any let me know. Getting the list ready so us girls can go out on the boat soon (when it is warmer lots warmer) and have our planning meeting.
I took these pics from my front door. So when I say lots warmer I think we all know that is going to be awhile till that happens. But look a the bright side. We still have time to fake and bake. :)