Wednesday, May 26, 2010


OK all the Field Trip Calendars are out and delivered. If you did not get one call me or come by and get one. The first trip is next week. I am so excited to get summer going and enjoy all the things we have planned. I hope that we will see you at some of the trips we have planned this summer!!!
Thanks to all those that support our field trips and for making it such a fun time for all of us.....!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Something Up Beat!

I wanted to blog about something up beat today..... Everything in the last week feels so heavy. Until ........ Yesterday I had a wonderful Mothers Day! I have to say that I married a great man. He has really done so much over the past 2 weeks that I still am standing in amazement! All the wonderful things that life can bring with love and happiness seems to really be blessing me in my family and married life this past month. I truly am blessed with the man I married. This is our 27th Anniversary coming up this month.
My kids are wonderful to me. I love them all more then words can express. I love being a mom and a grandma. I would truly have to say it is the greatest thing in life to have a family of your own. The love ...the tears....the sweat....the worry...the work....Is all worth it in the end. It truly is the best things you will ever do is to be a MOMMY!
I was going around my neighborhood the past few days taking Taylor and Tyler with their little lawn biz. I noticed so many things..... It is amazing what you can see around you if you take the time to look...... These are a few of the happy things I saw....
Patti that lost a husband a few years back....In her yard with her new husband Steve. They were gardening together and looked so happy. After all she had been through to see that moment and know Heavenly Father will take care you and you will be happy again.
I stopped and talked to Austin and Caryn miller for a bit. what a wonderful couple. Made reference to his mom. What a wonderful mom he has. When he talks about her the love and gratefulness he has for her you can just feel.
I saw the Armstrong's outside at their yard sale just happy and visiting, made me smile after all I know they have gone through losing their Dad.
Carla's husband Mark waived as he went by with a big smile on his face. Like you actually felt his happiness. But he is such a nice guy that you felt his honesty in saying hello, not just a waive because he saw you and that was the polite thing to do.
Saw the Searle kids all out playing and riding bikes. I remember when I was young and played with all my cousins and how much I loved it and still cherish those times today I had with my own cousins when I was young.
What a wonderful world we live in. There is beauty and love all around. Right their in front of our faces that sometimes we do not stop to notice. Heavenly Father truly plays apart in our lives and lives around us every day. I am thankful for the little things that made my heart warm and my face smile this weekend.
I love all those that bless and make my life full!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I guess I have to hurt to make it all better.

I guess I am going to have more pain before this can be over. I am doing much better with the pain I have been in. I have been walking everyday it seems to be helping.
I went to the Dr Friday with Ken in tow. I found out I have fibroids. One is the size of a baseball and one other one is a bit bigger then a golf ball. Wonder why I have been having pain. Go back Wednesday for the pre-op visit and will schedule the surgery then. I hope soon. I have 3 vacations that I want to be able to still go and have fun on so I am trying to get this done asap.
Ken at the Dr visit asked the Dr if "I could still have kids" I was ready to die. I told him as did the Dr also " I am 45 and a little late for that". Plus hello he just told you I have these huge growths. Ken... I love him but sometimes he is to much.
One good thing is the past week he has really gone all out for me and help me with what I needed. Stayed home with me 2 days and fixed all the honey do's I had around the house. He has been great.
And as for the Drama Queen. It is sad people believe her. Ken is surprised women can act this way. A wise woman told me once..."Who will gossip with you will gossip of you" I was thinking about gossip and how it hurts people today. Really if everyone was hurt by gossip at least once in their life it would happen allot else often I think. You know when you listen to gossip you only hear one side and you usually make judgement on what you hear. Never knowing the full story or if what you hear is even true. In this case it is false, hurtful, mean, and hateful. I am sadden by the people that will listen to this and make judgement. Until you know facts, you are in the wrong...Assume what you will... but remember they who judge will be jugded them selves.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The end.....

I have been experiencing pain since last Thursday night. I told myself that I would call the Dr Friday if I was still in pain in the morning. Well I was hoping by morning I would not be in pain and everything would be OK. BUT......morning came and I was still sick, hurting, and just not myself. I called the Dr. They could not see me till Monday but I thought I could just keep popping the midol and all would be better and maybe Monday I could call and cancel. The pain was so bad Ken kept wanting to take me into the ER. I do not like the ER it feels like a guessing game in that place. I had almost no sleep Thursday night. Friday same thing. Saturday same thing Sunday same thing and you get the picture by now. I am good from about 7 am to 2 pm then it starts all over again. It is the weirdest thing.
So Monday rolls around and I go to the DR.. Joy what joy that was. Only to get pain killers and for the Dr to tell me what he thinks is wrong with me and to schedule another appt Friday with a ultrasound then they are going to meet with Ken and I after. So I get to have pain for a whole week. Seriously does that Dr really know how this feels??? Sometimes I wonder if men really understand female pain.
So I have a life from 7 am to about 2 pm then it starts and I have to take pain killers and take it easy.
I decided today that it is the end of my baby making machine days. I am 45 I know that I am not going to have anymore kids but it kind of feels sad to just know that I will be minus the equipment to do so. After the past week I have been hurting so bad that really it will be a relief. I am officially turning into a old middle age woman. I am worried about the surgery and a little freaked out. I Know it will all be OK. but just going in Friday is freaking me out.
I am trying not to worry and get myself upset. I have had enough of that over the weekend. During this ordeal of no sleep hurting so bad that I was in tears most of the day, having a hard time with life in general...someone decides to make things even worse on me. Why is there always someone that tries to make trouble at the moment you need it the least? This person is trouble, 3 times now has tried the same thing. There is a point in life that enough is enough. I have tried to decide what to do about this pain, people that are drama, and my emotions for the past few days. Today I decided it is the end of my pain ....the baby cooker goes, as for the drama queen....and the people that listen to the drama shame on you. If she calls again do not call me I do not care to hear it. You should know me better. ..As for my emotions..... I have the right to cry all day if I need to. I feel and that is a good thing.
So "Life Goes On" people heal up, people forgive at some point, and I am a cry baby. It is my life I think it is pretty good. I think I will live past this week and the next. It may be a bit painful with more pain to come but in the end all will be better.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Zoo

Last week we went to the Zoo with the whole family. It was allot of fun. When your kids grow up things like this do not seem to be as fun. BUT we had the grand kids and it was fun all over again. The fun expressions and amazement made the trip worth going on.
After Ken took us to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It is just fun having the family talking, laughing , and just knowing that we love each other and the company that they are.
Here are a few photos.