Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Life is GRAND!

I was shocked to look at the blog and find out that the last I posted was way over a year ago. Life was over as I knew it back then . My heart was torn in half and I thought I would never get through the next day let alone the past 18 months. Chrissy my only daughter and grand kids were moving to Kansas. I had to put on my big girl pants and pressed forward.
I took a job that later did not work the way I thought it would for me. But it did get me though the 18 months that I so hopelessly thought would end me. A broken heart is not easy to repair.  My job lasted a full 17 months. I really am glad for the experience but the company was not what I thought it was.  I guess I have lived in the world of Ken for so long that working for people that their only goal is money and image are not for me.  I am not sure when this happened in Utah but we are not who we once were.  I look all around me and it is how nice or big my house is, the nice car I drive, or the job I have.  I get sucked in once in a while but being married to Ken brings on a whole new meaning of truly living.
We worked in the yard and got things ready for winter today. I worked so hard with all we needed to do so we could rest tomorrow. I was proud of all the projects we have going on and all we did today. It was a little past 10 pm and I went outside of the house and stood by the curb and just looked at the nice house we have and the cleanliness of the house and yard after working so hard today. I stood out there and thought yes sometimes it would be nice to have a newer home.  I also thought of all the work that we have put into this house over the years, raising of our family in the home, and how much we love our yard.  Would I truly want to move. No it would not be for the right reasons.
It brought me to think of how Ken measures his life and the things that make him feel that he has made it in life. Non of which are money, fame, job, house, cars, or material things at all for that reason.  To him it is family, peace of mind, and God.  Ken doesn't worry about life. It dawned on me tonight that the things he talks about that worry him are. Family, who needs help, what he can do to help someone feel better, or a project with his sons, Chrissy and her family living so far away. Nothing about money, fame, or what the neighbor is doing that he needs to keep up with so he is not left behind. Everything is heartfelt. He is truly a amazing man.
So I sit here now great full for the man I married, the family I have, the home I live in, and the life I live.
All of which are GRAND!

Friday, April 27, 2012

It is Offical...

So much this past month....Moved Chrissy to Kansas City.... What a pretty place. Loved it!! Went out a few weeks ago to help her move and set up house. She came back with my till the 7th of  May. That is going to be a sad day for all of us....
Nic got married and moved into his own place... He only lives a few block's from Momma. so that is a blessing. Into Chrissy's old house...
Taylor got a full time job for the summer and will continue with school next year!! He is home again and we are enjoying him.
I took employment this week with a great  Mortgage Company in Utah County. I am very excited for my first day of work. It has been a few years and going back into loan processing ..will be like learning the biz  all over again but challenging and fun.
Ken is working up in Salt Lake still and all is well there....He is such a blessing in my life... I love that Man!!!
Grand kids are moving and this is going to be so hard on all of us. Me going back to work after the kids leave is going to be my saving grace. 
I am excited for all of our new journeys in life and hope our choices bring us all happiness and peace.. After all the tears!!:(
I will have to write more on meeting my new Uncle and Aunt in the next few days and post some pics....
Love to all. Is it not just a Wonderful World????
I love the song by Luey Armstrong...What a Wonderful World. You should listen to it a oldie but a super duper goodie!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


So I have been doing allot of Family History Research as of late. It has been really surprising what I find at each turn in the page. Last month I found my Dad's half brother. It was a wonderful time for all of us. He is going to come out and see the family soon. I cannot tell you what a emotional and wonderful thing this has been. My dad lost his sister last month and we found a brother. God's timing and hand in all things leaves me sometimes so grateful to have him in my life and to know that he loves and helps us all.

This week I found a bible in Arkansas that is over 200 years old. Sitting in a museum. My wonderful ancestors founded a town and helped in building and settling a area of Arkansas. I have found countless kin on

I found this picture in a photo book. So even though it means nothing to anyone. It makes me smile and puts names to faces of my long lost ancestors I am trying to find and make a great history book for my Uncle when he arrives the end of the month.

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's been so long...

I cannot believe it.... I was blogging everyday it seemed like...then..nothing! Wow. I really need to get back to blogging. I read a few post over the past few months of others... but I guess i had nothing to give. Well here it goes.

I have had such a great month. Yes it is my Birthday Month. and when I say Birthday Month! I really mean the whole month!:) I figure that my mom was pregnant for 9 months. Why can't I just own the whole month. Really you should all try it. The upside is that if your husband is slow to make sure he takes care of you on your day...He has the whole flippin month to get it right. Mine never forgets cause really how do you forget a whole month. A week or a day maybe but really no man could forget a whole month. lol .... It may sound bratty, selfish, and kind of straight right over bearing but really who are we talking about. Mother Teresa or Sally Young. lol...Just kidding.

The month started out slow... by the 5th it was rolling pretty good. Saturday was the best. Fun time with the family. We hung out all day and Ken took everyone to dinner that night. Grand kids spent the night and we watch a movie and played games. Grand kids are the best present ever!!!! We always make a trip to St George during my Birthday month....Getting ready to finish planning that too. Such a fun time when you go to the SUN when it is SNOWING HERE! I am so thankful for my Hubby that goes along with all of this! :)

I have been doing allot of genealogy..... tracing my family roots. This past month I started to spend more time searching. I found like a gold mine of info in the past week. But the best thing I found was not a family member of old.....BUT a family member of NEW! Yep found my Dad's Brother. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome this has been. What a blessing! He is going to come out and meet us soon. My Dad is turning 75 in a few weeks.... and ya knowi I think he is going to have a better Birthday Week then I am all Month! I am so happy for my Famly. Heavenly Father really has blessed us!

Well I am trying to be faithful on posting and putting up more 's this year.

Write more tomorrow.:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Empty Nesting!

Well my nest is empty not sure I am OK with it yet or not. Started to get bored and not sure that a job is the best thing to stop that..but I started to look and have a few options...Playing those out now and just trying to see where they lead.
I started a juice fast 9 days ago. That is really a WOW in my mind. But lost 15 lbs so far. So I am drinking and drinking and drinking. Not the best diet in the world but the one that will help with my Lymphedema. I have been fighting this for the summer and really want to see results. I hope that some day soon I can ride on a airplane again and start my empty nesting travel.
Update on Family...
Ken is working hard and still did not use all his vacation days last year. Yep pretty sure his company loves him. He likes to work? Not sure maybe just likes getting away from me during the day? Hey maybe I need to put more thought into this work schedule of his. jk. He is a good man and he supports his family very good. He has lost 25 lbs on juicing and eating healthier this past summer. Good to him. He thinks my fast is the best thing since candy. Really did I just say candy? Boy what I would do for candy right now. jk maybe not.:)
We are planning out the rest of the year and what we may want to do now that the nest is empty. He decided to take Nic and go Elk hunting this year. That should be a good time for them.
Chrissy... Well she is as always cooking and working. That girl loves to cook. I must say she is really good at it. The first few days of my fast she would come over at lunch time and say." are you done with that yet? Let's go to lunch" then after a few more days she said "You keep going don't break it now" Such a saint I tell you.:) She is busy with all sorts of goings ons but she still has time for her Mommy.
Nicholas....Moved to Wyoming. That was a good thing and and hard thing all at the same time.
He will be back as he does loves his Mom and he is a bit of a Mamma's Boy. I am sure the Holidays will bring him back. I am not sure any of my kids could miss December at my house. He is helping my brother build his new home and it should be done in a month so I am looking for him to call me up and say "I am coming home" This will happen. I keep telling my self anyways. But he is loving Wyoming and all it has to offer. What is has that Utah doesn't not sure....
Taylor...Started working a new job, going to school, and really just being Taylor. He is doing so much better then he was. Taylor has come around and really decided what he wanted out of life. He is my baby and baby him we did. He seems all grown up now and not sure that is what I want. Where is the days of the Little ones? They grow up so fast enjoy them now.
The things we learn after the nest is empty.
Grand kids,, What to Say. THEY ARE GREAT! LOVE THEM!..Really I see them as my bonus in life for raising a family. I have to say they are so cute, funny, and cute some more. I get to spend lots of time with the kids and for this I will always be thankful.
Life is great after empty nest I guess. Ken loves that all my attention is on him.. Little does he know that I am Mothering daily and helping the kids out when I can. But he is the focus now. I was wondering when do I get to be the focus? Really moms are always giving..I think we need more then a day a year to reward, thank, and love us. Yes I think I will be working on Mothers Day Month soon. That opens up so many doors. and I think the bank vault too. jk..maybe not.. but we will see where that leads us.
Thanks to all of you that make our life great and hope that we continue to make this a happy year of renewal and rewards.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Fun

So Summer is off to a slow warming again. Wanted to go boating for the Fathers Day Weekend and Ken's Birthday. That did not happen but this weekend looks like a keeper. Planning a Yuba trip and hoping it is a great time. My Lymph edema is still acting up. In treatment at the UofU hope they can get something worked out. I am really having a hard time with all of this. But chin up others have worse then me. I need to be thankful.
Summer Field Trip Club starts this week. Excited for that. It should be a fun time and summer.
I am living in Salina for the Summer that is a fun place to be. Boating, camping. hiking, riding ATVs, fishing, and all sorts of outdoor sun. I really like my ward and I think that I have a new look out on small towns. It has been nice to be out of the city! For Ken too. The kids come down lots and that has been a fun fun time. What quality time you get when they stay the weekend and you are together the whole time. I love being out of town in more ways then one.
Tell the weekend and I can post some pics...Bye:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I thought that I was in the clear the day I left the Hospital

I had surgery back in April and I felt so great when I left the hospital. but like always if there is going to be something that goes wrong it will be me. A day after I left the hospital I noticed that my left upper arm was swollen . I have been battling a 3 month battle to find out what is wrong. I finally go to a specialist that tells me I need a UofU specialist and that she cannot help me. so this Thursday I get to meet with my new specialist and find out how my life is going to change.
3 weeks ago I found out that I have Lymphedema in my arm. I think I cried for 3 more days and wondered how the Dr could be so dumb as to hurt my arm. Really a blood pressure cuff that is to small can ruin you for life. I would think that Dr's are smarter then that . But I guess not. So I get to have lymphedema for the rest of my life .
I know that I will rise above this but right now I am not seeing the good that will come out of this.