Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Fun

So Summer is off to a slow warming again. Wanted to go boating for the Fathers Day Weekend and Ken's Birthday. That did not happen but this weekend looks like a keeper. Planning a Yuba trip and hoping it is a great time. My Lymph edema is still acting up. In treatment at the UofU hope they can get something worked out. I am really having a hard time with all of this. But chin up others have worse then me. I need to be thankful.
Summer Field Trip Club starts this week. Excited for that. It should be a fun time and summer.
I am living in Salina for the Summer that is a fun place to be. Boating, camping. hiking, riding ATVs, fishing, and all sorts of outdoor sun. I really like my ward and I think that I have a new look out on small towns. It has been nice to be out of the city! For Ken too. The kids come down lots and that has been a fun fun time. What quality time you get when they stay the weekend and you are together the whole time. I love being out of town in more ways then one.
Tell the weekend and I can post some pics...Bye:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I thought that I was in the clear the day I left the Hospital

I had surgery back in April and I felt so great when I left the hospital. but like always if there is going to be something that goes wrong it will be me. A day after I left the hospital I noticed that my left upper arm was swollen . I have been battling a 3 month battle to find out what is wrong. I finally go to a specialist that tells me I need a UofU specialist and that she cannot help me. so this Thursday I get to meet with my new specialist and find out how my life is going to change.
3 weeks ago I found out that I have Lymphedema in my arm. I think I cried for 3 more days and wondered how the Dr could be so dumb as to hurt my arm. Really a blood pressure cuff that is to small can ruin you for life. I would think that Dr's are smarter then that . But I guess not. So I get to have lymphedema for the rest of my life .
I know that I will rise above this but right now I am not seeing the good that will come out of this.