Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life and the loops thrown at us. Define who we are.

Sometimes life sends us for a loop. Then we try and try to get through the loop. As you are trying and trying you sometimes do not realize there is more then one way to get through the loop. That is where we learn the meaning of life and our place here and how our path is going to get us to the other side. Head on is the best. But some go their own way never fully learning what life had to teach them.
We all experience loops in life. The good old saying "That through us for a loop" Don't look to long for one they will come soon enough. To experience one of these lessons in the loops of life trials is not only life changing sometimes but life defining. As I look to see and go through the last loop I was thrown I also look around and notice others loops. Some are bigger some are smaller. But we all get them from time to time.
The lesson to learn is how to get through the loop. Some loops appear to be huge but that does not mean you can just walk through it. You may not learn, grow. grieve, and continue for awhile. the bigger the loop thrown at you the longer the and bigger the lesson you learn. The harder it can be to move forward. How we go throw the loop and prepare our selves for the loops that come our way defines how life comes and ends for us. We are ever changing and ever learning. We are just here but a minute and we have so much to learn and to take with us. I want to be the best me I can be. I need to be ready for what comes my way so I can learn the most and have my testimony grow. I need to stay on the path of righteousness and keep the holy ghost with me. Life is hard enough not to at least follow the path laid out for us.
Richard and Cheryl were prepared for the loop that came there way. They taught their kids the Gospel, they were baptised, and they took their family to be sealed together forever, they taught their kids that life will not always be easy, they showed them hard, times, good times, and love. They made them strong and headed them into the right path.
When you get a loop thrown at you on the right path you deal with it easier, you grow from it sooner, and you land with both feet on the ground and the holy ghost right next to you. When you are not taught the true principals you may not know what to look for how to get to the other side of the loop, it may so life changing you never get back up to try again. You just do not know why or what purpose it served. Only that God must hate me and for that reason. I am am done. How sad the life that stops at the loop. How rewarding the life that keeps going and conquers all the loops thrown at him.
I am not sure why loops come to us and not others or others and not us. I just know that the loops thrown at me are real, they hurt, they knock me down for a minute, they feel like they take away from who we are sometimes. I guess getting through the loop and on my way down the path again is how my life will be defined.
There are many parts of the loop, the actual placing of the loop, the how do I do this, the how come this is happening to me, the what am i to learn from this, did you really mean to do this to me or am i in the cross fire, will i ever be the same again, the i hurt so bad how do i mend my broken heart, the show me the way through the loop and pray it comes soon, and the look back at the loop and know that he loves us and he cares for us.
1. Placing of the Loop.... They are always placed when you do not need them. They are placed where Heavenly Father allows and there only. The devil is not doing this to us. Even though it feels like someone hates us.
2. How do I do this? That throws us alone. You sit up and wonder now what, how do I do this? It should be how do we do this? The only way I know is to turn to God, Family, and the church. There is no other way to do this. it will not work. You need guidance ,direction, and love to get through the hoop.
3. How come this is happening to me? I was told of a man that said "Why not me" Once you ask yourself that. I believe you realize that no one is more precious then the other. Why not me?
If you go around asking why me your whole life you will feel cheated. You will hold resentment, and not be able to learn what you needed to learn to be the spirit that you were meant to be. this is happening to me because it will make me stronger, I will learn from it, and I can help someone else get through the same hoop sometime in my life. this is what God dealt me and i am going to get through this. Do not ask why me unless you really want the answer. WHY NOT YOU?
4. I hurt so bad how do I mend this broken heart. You do not mend it you fill it. With memories, love, and the spirit. In time the Lord mends it and you are filled with the 3 things that you wanted all along. We do not mend it the Lord does in his time. We fill it he mends it. Together we fix it and and we have a bigger heart in the end. Your heart reaches out to others and helps them in their time of need.
5. Show me the way through the loop, and pray it comes soon. The only way to get through the loop and learn what we need is through praying. He will show us and he will take us through the loop we just need to ask. But remember the timing is not ours it is his. but he will stay by us till the end.
6. I just learned more then I thought possible and I love more then I thought I could, and i am thankful for the journey that I am taking through the loops of life. I am a better spirit for it. I may not agree with my loops I have been dealt, but I am thankful for the life defining lesson's they teach me. I pray that they will grow me strong, and raise me up on the morning of the first Resurrection with my loving husband and family. In the end that is all that matters. That my loops get me where I need to go. Back to my Heavenly Father and with my Eternal Family.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buddy Buddy System with a Cherry on Top

What to do when the hurt is so real that you think you may never be the same again and the memories are so full of love and you do not want to lose not one of them? I have had the hardest week of my life. My heart aches and my mind hurts beyond words. My nephew Ty passed away and returned back to Our Heavenly Father Wednesday August 5th. One month from his 18th Birthday July 5th. My Nic's Best Friend.
I hurt for everyone that is hurting. As I drove home tonight Nic just sat there and said he wanted to be in Delta. He wanted to stay there and be close to the family and Jordan. I know he is hurting I know that he doesn't know what to do right now. How to go forward and be OK is my next lesson in life.
I want to post this picture, that reminds all of us the Buddy Buddy System is still in place just one of them in through the veil and the other two are still here with us. But as they walk side by side they all still walk together. One just walks on the side of the veil. Watching over the other two.
Our kids where more then cousins they were FRIENDS! They had a name for there friendship and it was called the Buddy Buddy System. They called it often by it's name and they exercised often what it meant to be friends, and they lived it well and always will. Ty Jordan, and Nic are truly buddies for eternity. Life has a way of shaking us up but through the Lord's Plan we will make it back together on the other side. Tell someone today you love them.
This picture is the Buddy Buddy System with a Cherry on top. Haylee just has a way of making it all OK, and she is the finishing touch. We floated the river this day with Ty and Jordan on a field trip. If I had gone on a 100 field trips this summer. This still would have been the best one of all.