Monday, November 30, 2009


I am so excited for Christmas. It seems like I just posted 75 days till Christmas on my Facebook. Wow time does fly. I have so much fun planned this Holiday Season. I guess that is the story of my life...plan...plan...plan...
I have just been enjoying my family for the past few months. We just celebrated Nicholas 18th Birthday!! That was a fun time.. I cannot believe he is already 18. I am going to have a hard time with him leaving home. Taylor is 16 and just past his drivers test. He is all kinds of excited. I am all kinds of scared!!!!
Chrissy and her family are doing great too. Went over to her house today and helped her decorate for the Holidays. Yes she is my daughter and she did not deco till today..It is sad!

Ken bought me a new tree this year. Nice very Nice. He is such a good man to me. I am very blessed to have a man that does as much as he does. I am currently working on a trip to Italy for my Christmas present. I think that I am there. Just the 2 of us. No kids!

So much going on so much to do. i will post pics later. Also I updated the Field Trip Blog too.