Saturday, January 31, 2009


The rest of our days were spent at Yosemite! What a wonder place. It had been a long time since I visited the park. For me it was like going for the first time again. The guys loved it. There is so much history in the forest. The Grand Hotel and all the old timers cabins have been put close together so you can tour all the cabins in one area. WOW is all i can say about this part of out trip. The drives and hikes were AWESOME!!!

Ken wanted to camp one nite. Lovley fun that was. We ended up staying at a KOA. Sleeping on the ground due to the fact I forgot the air mattresses. I had every clothes item out on my suit case and under my sleeping bag. It still felt like a lumpy bed and I did not sleep hardly at all that nite. But it was fun and Ken was proud he saved $150.00 in hotel room fees. You know Ken always about saving the buck. So we had the best of both worlds on the trip. Ken was happy and "If Ken's happy we all are happy"


Trees Trees and more Trees!


The Forest was awesome! The boys had fun going from tree to tree. I had long forgot how big the trees were. It just is amazing how tall and fat these trees are. Of course Ken's big question of the day was " If a tree falls in the forest and no one is aroudf does it make a sound?" That was a good debate for a hour with two teenagers that think they know everything.

The beauty of the forst was just amazing. It just makes you thank Heavenly Father for all he has gave us. I was amazed by his creations there. If I ever felt short it was there. I truly felt like a dwarf!! Maybe more like a ant.


On day 2.... We ate lunch by the Kerns River. Ken was wishing he had his fly rod. i was wishing we could move there!


The second day we toured the Sequoia Forest. On the way to the National Forest we stopped at a Japanese camp. It brakes my heart to think of what life was like for the people that lived here during World War II. We have toured a few of these historical site. Topaz camp is just west of Delta. There is not much left but signs that state where all the buildings where. Last summer we went to Powell Wyoming and had the chance to visit the Japanese Camp just outside of town. This camp had buildings left and signs directing you around the camp. In califorina there where a few buildings and a couple of guard towers left. This camp was by far the nicest one we have toured. They had a hospital area with water falls garden areas and looked to have a few extras.


I have been so bad about posting new items on my Blog!!! I noticed Shauna took me off her friends list. So I guess I better get busy posting!!!!

This is our UEA weekend trip we took to Califorina in October. IT WAS A NICE LITTLE ROAD TRIP! . We were able to see a few different spots in 5 days. First We took a side road in Nevada by Ely to see if we could find pine nuts. That was a bust but.... We did find this cool fort made out of sticks and branches. I took a picture of Ken and the boys hiding out inside. Ken looks like he is on the " Deer Hunt" not a "Road Trip". On the way to Califorina that night we took this picture of the Sunset. It was so pretty. We stayed the first nite in Mammott Cal. I tourist town.