Thursday, April 30, 2009

Till we meet again.

Today I received a phone call letting me know that my Uncle Drew had past from this life and returned home to his Heavenly Father. He is going to be missed and we all love him dearly. have lost 2 people I loved in the past year. My Papa that was 101 died from old age and my Uncle Drew that was 57 we lost to cancer. Both I loved dearly. I have had a hard time saying good bye to both of my loved ones. I just do not want to have to say good bye. It seems so final. But I told myself today that good bye is for a time not for ever.
I hate to say good bye. It is to hard on me. I drug out calling him until it was to late. I should have just called. I am so upset that I did not call. I was scared and I did not want to cry and make it harder on him that he was dying. He was already scared. I should have called though. I should have. I said a prayer today that he knew I loved him and my fear of saying good bye. I should of just called or wrote him a letter. I kept telling myself to just do it and the moment past.
So Uncle Drew.............. I love you and will miss you. I know you are not hurting anymore and are in a better place. I will always remember our fun times we had with you. You were a great Uncle. I love you and Good Bye until We Meet Again!
I am not letting moments pass anymore. Say it now before it is to Late! Don't put off today what you may not be able to say tomorrow. Let all you family know you love them and how much they mean to you each and everyday. Always say ... I love you!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nicholas and Prom

Nicholas had his Jr Prom on Saturday. He looked so cute and so did Kayla his date. This was the first formal dance we could talk him into going to. But he had a blast so I think it will not be as hard next time. They went on a day date to boondocks. Later that night they went to Chefs Table for dinner then on to the Prom. Where I hear Nic put on his own show on the dance floor. I told you he is a bit of a show off. After the dance he had a few Friends over and they watched The Ringer and it was all over. But I have some cute pictures to post.

Nicholas and Trent teamed up with their dates so it was easier for Nic and his first formal date. Thanks Trent! Trent took his girl friend Whitney. They all looked so good. It was fun to see all the girls and guys at church today in their Prom Clothes. You guys all looked very nice!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nicholas loves to show off! The "Good One"

My Nicholas has always loved to show off. He is a bit to much! Yesterday we went to the Lake and he got to do his showing off for 2 different boat loads. He is a funny kid. I guess the last video I posted was not the "Good one" says Nicholas. He seems to think that now my blog is for his showing off. Men you give them a inch they take a mile. Why is that? If you know tell me quick! I need to figure this out fast. I live in a house with all guys.

But here is the "Good One" video of my Nicholas.

Nicholas is such a good boarder. He really can excel at anything. I do have to say that My Ken is the best teacher. He has really taught him everything he knows.

We went out on the boat today. 80* and loving it. The water was 66* but Nic was so excited that we could actually go out and wakeboard. He did not care how cold the water was.

love the tacky swim tranks. He bought those at Walmart one night thinking he was funny while we were in Saint George.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break was allot of fun. Shauna, Patti, and I all went to my Mom's in Saint George. We left at 8 on Sunday Night. It was a blast. We came home on Wednesday so I could pick Michelle and Hudson up at the airport. We hung around American Fork that night. The next day we went to Vernal to show Hudson all the cool stuff there and went on a few hikes. It was also a really fun time. We got back and left to Delta to go out West on Saturday. We had a fun time there too. Hudson is such a cute little boy. It was nice having my Sister come visit. Like always you feel like the vacation time went so fast. Here are a few pictures of the fun we had for Spring Break.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday Robert called to see if we wanted to go do something. After thinking about what we could do with the weather only being so-so we decided to go to Topaz Mt. It was a fun drive and we just had fun enjoying each other and driving through the desert. We found a little cave that looked like Indians of old built it. Just kidding it was some other campers that started to build the cave. But it was kind of neat and we had to hike up and take a look at it. Nicholas of course had to ride his dirt bile up the rock. I am fearful that one of these times that kid is gong to get hurt he is not scared of anything. but maybe girls:) Actually that is the only fear he has. He is a cute kid and I want to keep the girls away as long as I can. So I am OK with the fear of girls issue. Anywhos... We had fun finding Topaz in the hills, and being together with family. Roberts kids are so cute. Stacey stayed home with the new baby for some much needed rest.

After leaving Topaz Mt. we headed over to see a Volcano that Robert found online some time ago. On the way they we had to cross over a sandy drain ditch. Needless to say Robert Mr. Dodge picked a most lovely area to cross over in which he thought that his Newly purchased Dodge Power Wagon could tackle. Needless to say HE WAS WRONG! Ken was radioing him and telling him to Shut It Down. Like they do at the local Delta Crash up Derby. It was kind of funny. He kept saying "Robert shut her down" "Shut her down" It was funny! Well needless to say again Robert was not letting the Chevy Durmax pull him out of the sand mess he got himself into. (Just a foot note. Ken drives a Chevy and thinks that is the only truck there is. Russell drives a Ford and thinks that is the only truck there is. Robert drives a Dodge and thinks that is the only truck there is. There is this competitive thing between them with their different truck makers. So for one of the others to pull you out is a very humbling thing. They will try anything and everything to get them selves out before asking the other for help. And when they go places together they try to out do the other one. It is actually funny to watch. But annoying at the same time. Anyway that is the little foot note) So Robert is trying everything to get himself out of the mess he got himself into. While we are video taping and taking pictures. As we are doing so he is telling me he does not want to see this on my blog. BUT... Sorry Robert but the family needs to see this, and actually it is funny. In the end Robert hooked his winch up to our bumper and we pulled him out. Or rather he used our bumper to use his winch to pull himself out. Ya Right! :):)
But not with out a laugh or two and a great video that my battery runs out of juice in the middle of the fun. But watch it and laugh with all of us. After the fun with digging Robert out we decided to still go to the volcano and so at 9 pm that night we are hiking around a volcano rock. but in al we had a blast! Thanks for the great memories Robert!


I have decided to try this after seeing it posted on several Family Blogs.........

The first 3 people that leave a comment on my blog will win a special something from me.

The rules are.........

1. I make no guarantes that you will like what I make.

2. What I create will be just for you.

3. It will be done this year.

4. You have no clue what it is gong to be and you can not ask for something you know I make.

5. I reserve the right to make something extremely strange if I choose too.

6. You must post a picture when you receive it.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Corn on the Cob in the Afternoon!

I loved the statement that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf made " Sometimes we often plant a seed in the morning and want Corn on the Cob in the Afternoon" I thought about that statement today!

Wow what a powerful statement! It applies to so many things in our lives. How many times do we pray and ask for something and want a answer by noon?:) Or plant a seed in the hearts of our loved ones and want it to be sprouted, grown to half it's height and producing fruit by night fall? Or ask for something and wanted it 2 days before we even asked? We often forget that faith and a answer to our prayers can take time. We live in a world that rushes everything that we do not stop to enjoy the Journey sometimes. We ask , demand, and have very little in the patience category anymore for our answers to come to our prayers, or our good works to reproduce, or help to come to the rescue.

Think about the Journey!..... Enjoy the Journey!........Live the Journey!........Love the Journey!
Think about it... Planting a seed... is only the beginning and we have so much more to do once the seed is planted... water, cultivate, care for, keep the weeds(evils of the world) away from our plants( pick them out one by one), prune, love, and feed the plant. There is so much more to planting a seed that we often forget and do the minimum and want maximum in the results. That sometimes fall short of our original plans. Look at the plants and enjoy them when they are blooming. Ken's Dad loves to look at the hay and grain come out of the soil and start to grow. He loves to look at the purple flowers that bloom on his hay. He enjoys the journey.. He lives for the site of the hay growing and maturing, He loves the the journey of the farm season. And when it is over and the Harvest is done...He is tired, and ready for the season to come to a end. But every year he goes back out to the farm and starts all over again with a song in his heart. He has learned to enjoy the journey and has learned how long till you can have Corn in the Afternoon.

The longer the growing time the better the root system becomes. The longer the Journey the more we experience and learn. Enjoying the Journey is one of the most important parts in the quest back to Heavenly Father! I think that I will start to enjoy more of the journey and nourish my seeds that I plant and take more time to cultivate the soil, and love the growing time. The harvest is the best part and I want to be ready and know that I enjoyed the growing season, learned from the best of the farmers, and lived with the best of the fertilizers. I want my seeds to grow but at a pace that the Lord can let me learn and become a better person. I want to leave the steroids out of my garden. Though they are appealing, they often more then not take the hard work out of the journey by producing the harvest to quickly.

Enjoy watching your garden grow and be ready to the fullest when it is time to harvest. Enjoy the Journey! "" We will have Corn on the Cob in the Afternoon """"Soon Enough!