Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Summer Fun Club and a Bus

Started a new club this week. I was wanting to be President of something so I decided to make a club I could be President over. So far I have a little possy that has joined my club. We are all members of the "Summer Field Trip Club". It should be a fun time. Planned some day trips and a few over nighters. We should have a good time this summer. I will be able to keep my kids busy and have friends to talk to and hang out with also. They do not know it yet but I am charging monthly dues of $25.00 for even being in my possy. I know I could get $50.00 but I want them to be able to buy me presents from time to time so I lowered the fees. I had the first meeting all by myself so I could make the rules and decide on the fees for membership with out anyone objecting. Smart cookie I am, if you ask me. If they take up issue I could always find a new possy to take their place I am not worried. Just kidding.

I did put together a "Summer Field Trip Group. It will be lots of fun. Family and Friends are invited and we are going to do a different activity every week. I am so excited for summer. And yes I will get in my boating time too. Don't worry. I have lots of fun things planed this summer for my family.

Ken is calling me "Party Girl" and it is getting on my nerves. He just does not understand the life of a "Sally Girl". It is not easy being me. I have lots of people to please and places to go. Clubs to Leed. lol. I cannot sit home. That is why I worked. I am not working because we thought it was best for our kids. Now all he asks me is his golden question of"How much is this going to cost me?" I am getting tired of that too. Really how much is it going to cost me? Kenneth chill out! Why doesn't he say "That is so nice you are keeping my kids entertained and out of trouble". Or " That is so nice you are trying to make a fun summer for our kids." But no ...It is always how much is this going to cost me? I should put out there a big number and see if he will ever ask that question again. Or better yet I should go buy a Big yellow School Bus for our field trips and he can pay for it. That would be awesome. A big yellow bus parked in the drive way. Man that would be so funny. He would die when he came home from work one day and a bus was in the drive way. It is almost worth it just to see his face. I can hear him screaming now. "SSSSAAAAALLLLLLLYYY what have you done now???" Don't be surprised if you see me driving a school bus around this summer. :)And a sign on the back that says" It cost you a BIG yellow school bus !" lol.


  1. How in the world do you get your teenagers to ANYTHING with you?

    I have a party of one right now!

  2. Awesome, I would love to ride around in a big ol' school bus! Tell Ken to just let us have our fun and thats all the price he needs. :D

  3. Hey Sally, That is so nice that you are keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble this summer. And it is also nice that you are trying to have a fun summer with the kids. (Did I get that right?) I know I am not Ken, but I think you are great for all you have done to plan a fabulous summer. Love the post. Forgot to pay my dues yesterday. Do you take paypal???? lol!

    Oh, and I'll join the bus ride as long as it isn't a short yellow bus.

  4. What an awesome idea! You know if you got a BIG school bus, maybe there could be a painting activity to decorate the bus. You know the artistic talents of everyone could be revealed. (Oh that maybe a scary thought!) Love the blog update. Tel Ken if he keeps asking you if may cost him your sanity!!

  5. I am so happy that today I was voted the Mascot of the Summer Posse Club. If you look up Mascot in the dictionary, (which I did so I would spell it correctly, shut it Julie) it says, a person, animal or thing that is supposed to bring good luck! So here's to a snotty mascot. It's going to be a great summer!

  6. Sally-you are FUNNY! I think Ken should leave you alone too-you sound like you have some FUN ideas. Good for you. Just tell him to foot the bill and you'll be happy and nice to him all summer.