Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Life is GRAND!

I was shocked to look at the blog and find out that the last I posted was way over a year ago. Life was over as I knew it back then . My heart was torn in half and I thought I would never get through the next day let alone the past 18 months. Chrissy my only daughter and grand kids were moving to Kansas. I had to put on my big girl pants and pressed forward.
I took a job that later did not work the way I thought it would for me. But it did get me though the 18 months that I so hopelessly thought would end me. A broken heart is not easy to repair.  My job lasted a full 17 months. I really am glad for the experience but the company was not what I thought it was.  I guess I have lived in the world of Ken for so long that working for people that their only goal is money and image are not for me.  I am not sure when this happened in Utah but we are not who we once were.  I look all around me and it is how nice or big my house is, the nice car I drive, or the job I have.  I get sucked in once in a while but being married to Ken brings on a whole new meaning of truly living.
We worked in the yard and got things ready for winter today. I worked so hard with all we needed to do so we could rest tomorrow. I was proud of all the projects we have going on and all we did today. It was a little past 10 pm and I went outside of the house and stood by the curb and just looked at the nice house we have and the cleanliness of the house and yard after working so hard today. I stood out there and thought yes sometimes it would be nice to have a newer home.  I also thought of all the work that we have put into this house over the years, raising of our family in the home, and how much we love our yard.  Would I truly want to move. No it would not be for the right reasons.
It brought me to think of how Ken measures his life and the things that make him feel that he has made it in life. Non of which are money, fame, job, house, cars, or material things at all for that reason.  To him it is family, peace of mind, and God.  Ken doesn't worry about life. It dawned on me tonight that the things he talks about that worry him are. Family, who needs help, what he can do to help someone feel better, or a project with his sons, Chrissy and her family living so far away. Nothing about money, fame, or what the neighbor is doing that he needs to keep up with so he is not left behind. Everything is heartfelt. He is truly a amazing man.
So I sit here now great full for the man I married, the family I have, the home I live in, and the life I live.
All of which are GRAND!


  1. So fun to hear from you again Sally. Glad things are going well, and you know what life is all about! Ken sounds like a wonderful guy. You are truly blessed!

  2. Yes, Sally you are truly blessed!!!!. I learned along time ago that the world does not come to an end as your children move on. It is hard to take but soon realize that the world is small and you can visit anywhere in just hours. What a wonderful age we live in.