Friday, April 27, 2012

It is Offical...

So much this past month....Moved Chrissy to Kansas City.... What a pretty place. Loved it!! Went out a few weeks ago to help her move and set up house. She came back with my till the 7th of  May. That is going to be a sad day for all of us....
Nic got married and moved into his own place... He only lives a few block's from Momma. so that is a blessing. Into Chrissy's old house...
Taylor got a full time job for the summer and will continue with school next year!! He is home again and we are enjoying him.
I took employment this week with a great  Mortgage Company in Utah County. I am very excited for my first day of work. It has been a few years and going back into loan processing ..will be like learning the biz  all over again but challenging and fun.
Ken is working up in Salt Lake still and all is well there....He is such a blessing in my life... I love that Man!!!
Grand kids are moving and this is going to be so hard on all of us. Me going back to work after the kids leave is going to be my saving grace. 
I am excited for all of our new journeys in life and hope our choices bring us all happiness and peace.. After all the tears!!:(
I will have to write more on meeting my new Uncle and Aunt in the next few days and post some pics....
Love to all. Is it not just a Wonderful World????
I love the song by Luey Armstrong...What a Wonderful World. You should listen to it a oldie but a super duper goodie!!!

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