Monday, February 13, 2012

It's been so long...

I cannot believe it.... I was blogging everyday it seemed like...then..nothing! Wow. I really need to get back to blogging. I read a few post over the past few months of others... but I guess i had nothing to give. Well here it goes.

I have had such a great month. Yes it is my Birthday Month. and when I say Birthday Month! I really mean the whole month!:) I figure that my mom was pregnant for 9 months. Why can't I just own the whole month. Really you should all try it. The upside is that if your husband is slow to make sure he takes care of you on your day...He has the whole flippin month to get it right. Mine never forgets cause really how do you forget a whole month. A week or a day maybe but really no man could forget a whole month. lol .... It may sound bratty, selfish, and kind of straight right over bearing but really who are we talking about. Mother Teresa or Sally Young. lol...Just kidding.

The month started out slow... by the 5th it was rolling pretty good. Saturday was the best. Fun time with the family. We hung out all day and Ken took everyone to dinner that night. Grand kids spent the night and we watch a movie and played games. Grand kids are the best present ever!!!! We always make a trip to St George during my Birthday month....Getting ready to finish planning that too. Such a fun time when you go to the SUN when it is SNOWING HERE! I am so thankful for my Hubby that goes along with all of this! :)

I have been doing allot of genealogy..... tracing my family roots. This past month I started to spend more time searching. I found like a gold mine of info in the past week. But the best thing I found was not a family member of old.....BUT a family member of NEW! Yep found my Dad's Brother. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome this has been. What a blessing! He is going to come out and meet us soon. My Dad is turning 75 in a few weeks.... and ya knowi I think he is going to have a better Birthday Week then I am all Month! I am so happy for my Famly. Heavenly Father really has blessed us!

Well I am trying to be faithful on posting and putting up more 's this year.

Write more tomorrow.:)

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  1. How cool to find your dad's brother. That is so neat!!!!!