Monday, February 23, 2009

I just wanted to comment on the Great Home Coming in Church yesterday.

Welcome Home Brother and Sister Searle is all I can say!!

I could of sat there for 2 more hours. I loved both there talks. Every time Brother Searle said....... that is another story, or he did not have time to go into it..... I was thinking... "Yes you can keep going!" I loved his talk and admired the love he had for his mission calling and the people he taught. Ann like always captured the whole Congregation. I love them both! Did you not just think "Ann is back " the moment she started to talk? I did. I love her zest for, Life, and The Gospel. She is amazing. They both are amazing!!!
My boys actually listened to every word they spoke. This has not happened in Church for them for a long time. Usually I have one of them trying to take a nap on my shoulder. What a example they are to all of us. I was crying or had tears in my eyes most of the time they were both giving their talks. I could just feel the great spirit in there labors and testimonies.
Both Brother Searle and Sister Searle have touch my life greatly over the past 19 years that I have known them. they may not even know this, but they have had a great influence on my life and my families life.
I am blessed to know the whole Searle Family. They all are a great Bunch of people!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I started a tradition to have a dinner with my kids the day before Valentines. I wanted them to know they were special to us and that Valentines is a day for them also. I was also hoping that my boys would learn how to treat thier wives when they get married on this special day. My husband was not schooled in this area. He had to learn the hard way that Valentines is important. That is also why my Birthday has become a month long event. Trying to teach him has increased the time of the event until the student could get it right. :)

I had fun shopping, decorating, and cooking this year. Ken actually made the main dish. It was really good. He is a self taught cook and really a good one. So this year we did this event together which made the day even more special.
Here are a few photos of the prep and when Chrissy arrived with the kids. I was not good at taking pictures after she arrived. Just to busy slaving over the kids.

Ken came home early and with flowers and a singing balloon. The next day he bought me a d.s. and 3 games. He was on top of it this year. Although the d.s. was part of my Birthday present.

Although last night he showed up with his own present. The man found a deal on some theater room equipment from a dealer in sandy for B and K components. Lets just say that his 'Because it was a good deal and I needed it" purchase was more them my month long Birthday Celebration has cost year to date! The idea was to buy a " Reciever" He showed up with a cd player also. Like I am going to sit and listen to music in my theather room. The man has electronic issues. I know he was thinking wait till my brothers hear or see this. It is kind of a "Man thing." Bret and Shauna came over to watch lost, so I did not see the cd player until they left. Imagine my surprise when there was 2 itmes he purchased sitting on the kitchen table. After him telling me that it was just such a good deal and trying to sell me on them. I rolled my eyes and went to bed. His second purchase of the cd player is only a issue because Ken is tight with money and If I showed up with new living room furniture he would freak if it was not aggreed about before I left. Men they have one set of rules they live by and another set for thier wives to live by. Now my plan is to use this to get something I want. I will let you know if this works. I should call 2 of my friends Shauna and Patty that I know love to shop and go spend some money. But being the nice person I am. I will just guilt my way into him buying me something I want. jk :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Babies

I wanted to post a pics of the babies but my camera lost a lot of pictures today when someone tried to clear it for more room that did not know what they are doing. I will get more pic's soon and post those

Fun Field Trip

Sunday after church my boys were driving me nuts!! I was ready for my Birthday Vacation to start right then and there. But we are still a few weeks out on that fun to start. So I had this revelation to take my kids on a fieldtrip and force them into loving each other. I knew that I could no way stand to deal with them all day Monday out of school just sitting in front of the t.v playing play station 3 and fighting.
So I gave notice to my lovley boys that.....We would be going on a field trip and they would be ready and happy by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow moring. I think they thought I was crazy when I said " We are going to tour the State Capital" We left on time. Made it to Salt Lake by noon. Ate lunch at Tucanos at the Gate Way. They actually started coming around to see that this all wasn't so bad.
From there we went to the Capital. We had alot of fun. Nic said that he was going to run threw the Capital and be done in five minutes and would meet us back at the car. Well I am not sure what happened but once Nic was in the Capital and all the guys in suits were walking around and meetings going on he calmed down and it actualy was a fun tour. From there we travel across the street to the Council House and the first 18th Ward House. Very Interesting! Nic had to ride the bull across the street but oh well he was having fun and not driving me nuts. You will soon learn if you do not have teenagers that you have to "CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES" . So all was grand.
From there we went into Memory Grove. I want to go back in the spring when everything is has greened up. But a nice little drive and walk.
I wish I had a video camera with me at the next stop. It was so funny. I grew up Catholic and wanted my boys to see the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Down town it was old and historic also so we made another stop. My boys were in awe. This was there first experience. They were freaked out by the picture on the walls and the alter . I think they did not know what to think. It was the first time in years those 2 actually were speachless and could not talk. The stain glass window art was really pretty. The pictures on the walls scared them a bit with skulls and death. The darkness of the church at that time and the homeless guy sleeping were enough for my to tuff boys to peg me to leave. The alter was huge and my boys were thinking bodies could have been slained there. I think they have watched to many scary shows.
Needless to say our next stop was Temple Square. we toured the whole square the lion and Behive houses. My boys made comment on the peaceful feeling they felt while they we were there. My camera ran out of batteries at this point. But we had fun and a good day together and achevied another mile stone with getting along and being happy no matter what mom asks of us.
So this summer I have decided we will boat, swim, bike, AND... Go on a field trip every week to see something and have fun with Mom. If you want to come along just let me know . There is always room for one more.

Sunday, February 1, 2009