Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Empty Nesting!

Well my nest is empty not sure I am OK with it yet or not. Started to get bored and not sure that a job is the best thing to stop that..but I started to look and have a few options...Playing those out now and just trying to see where they lead.
I started a juice fast 9 days ago. That is really a WOW in my mind. But lost 15 lbs so far. So I am drinking and drinking and drinking. Not the best diet in the world but the one that will help with my Lymphedema. I have been fighting this for the summer and really want to see results. I hope that some day soon I can ride on a airplane again and start my empty nesting travel.
Update on Family...
Ken is working hard and still did not use all his vacation days last year. Yep pretty sure his company loves him. He likes to work? Not sure maybe just likes getting away from me during the day? Hey maybe I need to put more thought into this work schedule of his. jk. He is a good man and he supports his family very good. He has lost 25 lbs on juicing and eating healthier this past summer. Good to him. He thinks my fast is the best thing since candy. Really did I just say candy? Boy what I would do for candy right now. jk maybe not.:)
We are planning out the rest of the year and what we may want to do now that the nest is empty. He decided to take Nic and go Elk hunting this year. That should be a good time for them.
Chrissy... Well she is as always cooking and working. That girl loves to cook. I must say she is really good at it. The first few days of my fast she would come over at lunch time and say." are you done with that yet? Let's go to lunch" then after a few more days she said "You keep going don't break it now" Such a saint I tell you.:) She is busy with all sorts of goings ons but she still has time for her Mommy.
Nicholas....Moved to Wyoming. That was a good thing and and hard thing all at the same time.
He will be back as he does loves his Mom and he is a bit of a Mamma's Boy. I am sure the Holidays will bring him back. I am not sure any of my kids could miss December at my house. He is helping my brother build his new home and it should be done in a month so I am looking for him to call me up and say "I am coming home" This will happen. I keep telling my self anyways. But he is loving Wyoming and all it has to offer. What is has that Utah doesn't not sure....
Taylor...Started working a new job, going to school, and really just being Taylor. He is doing so much better then he was. Taylor has come around and really decided what he wanted out of life. He is my baby and baby him we did. He seems all grown up now and not sure that is what I want. Where is the days of the Little ones? They grow up so fast enjoy them now.
The things we learn after the nest is empty.
Grand kids,, What to Say. THEY ARE GREAT! LOVE THEM!..Really I see them as my bonus in life for raising a family. I have to say they are so cute, funny, and cute some more. I get to spend lots of time with the kids and for this I will always be thankful.
Life is great after empty nest I guess. Ken loves that all my attention is on him.. Little does he know that I am Mothering daily and helping the kids out when I can. But he is the focus now. I was wondering when do I get to be the focus? Really moms are always giving..I think we need more then a day a year to reward, thank, and love us. Yes I think I will be working on Mothers Day Month soon. That opens up so many doors. and I think the bank vault too. jk..maybe not.. but we will see where that leads us.
Thanks to all of you that make our life great and hope that we continue to make this a happy year of renewal and rewards.